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Robert Watson-Watt

Physicist and Radar Pioneer Robert Watson-Watt

Full Name: Robert Watt
Profession: Physicist and Radar Pioneer


Why Famous: A pioneer in radar and radio direction finding, Watson-Watt's research let to the development in the 1920s of the huff-duff direction finder.

The military potential of this invention was exploited during World War II, where it helped prevent U-boat attacks.

In the late 1930s Watson-Watt led the development of the radar early warning system that was vital to British victory in the Battle of Britain.

Born: April 13, 1892
Birthplace: Brechin, Scotland
Star Sign: Aries

Died: December 5, 1973 (aged 81)
Cause of Death: Natural causes

Events in the Life of Robert Watson-Watt

  • 1935-02-12 First secret demonstration of radio signals detecting aircraft by Robert Watson-Watt at Daventry, England
  • 1935-02-26 RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) first demonstrated by Robert Watson-Watt
  • 1935-04-02 Scottish physicist Robert Watson-Watt receives a British patents for RADAR

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