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Sam Houston

Texan Revolutionary Sam Houston

Profession: Texan Revolutionary

United States of America

Biography: His victory at the Battle of San Jacinto secured the independence of Texas from Mexico.

It also paved the way to bring Texas into the United States as a constituent state.

Born: March 2, 1793
Birthplace: Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA
Star Sign: Pisces

Died: July 26, 1863 (aged 70)
Cause of Death: Pneumonia

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Historical Events

  • 1836-09-05 Sam Houston elected President of the Republic of Texas
  • 1836-10-22 Sam Houston inaugurated as 1st elected President of the Republic of Texas
  • 1861-03-16 Edward Clark became Governor of Texas, replacing Sam Houston, who is evicted from the office for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy (US Civil War)
  • 1994-10-22 Statue of Sam Houston unveiled in Texas

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