Susan Blow

Educator and Kindergarten Director Susan Blow Full Name: Susan Blow [Susan Elizabeth Blow]


Profession: Educator and Kindergarten Director
Why Famous: Known as the "Mother of the Kindergarten," Blow opened the first successful public Kindergarten in the United States.

By the time of her death in 1916, more than 400 cities had kindergartens in the public schools.

Born: June 7, 1843
Star Sign: Gemini
Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Died: March 27, 1916 (aged 72)
Cause of Death: Natural causes

Historical Events in the Life of Susan Blow

  • 1873-08-26 First free kindergarten in the U.S. started by Susan Blow in Carondelet, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri

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