Temür Khan

Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty Temür Khan

Full Name: Temür Öljeytü Khan
Profession: Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty


Biography: Also known as Öljeitü, or Emperor Qinming Guangxiao, Temür (which means "blessed iron Khan" in the Mongolian language) ruled as the second emperor of China's Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty from 1294, until his death in 1307.

Temür was also the nominal sixth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire around the time of the empire's dissolution into four separate khanates.

Temür's reign was largely successful, despite having to fight off rebellions in South China and Korea, challenges to his throne, and large-scale corruption within his empire.

Temür was posthumously given the temple name Chengzong, which means “Accomplished Ancestor”.

Born: October 15, 1265
Birthplace: Khanbaliq (Dadu or modern day Beijing), Mongol Empire (Yuan Dynasty)
Star Sign: Libra

Died: February 10, 1307 (aged 41)

Historical Events

  • 1294-05-10 Temür Khan declared Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty
  • 1307-06-21 Külüg Khan is enthroned as Emperor of China and seventh Great Khan after defeating rival factions and succeeding his uncle Temür Khan

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