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Thomas Malthus

Economist and Demographer Thomas Malthus

Full Name: Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus
Profession: Economist and Demographer

United Kingdom

Biography: Influential in the fields of political economy and demography and for his theories on population.

His ideas about the role of famine, disease, and competition between individuals in limiting population growth were radically opposed to the ideals of the time.

Malthus' theory was an important influence on both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in their development of the theory of natural selection.

Born: February 13, 1766
Birthplace: Guildford, Surrey, England
Star Sign: Aquarius

Died: December 23, 1834 (aged 68)
Cause of Death: Heart disease

Married Life

  • 1804-03-13 Economist Thomas Robert Malthus (38) weds Harriet Eckersall in Bath, Somerset

Historical Events

  • 1798-06-07 Thomas Malthus publishes the first edition of his influential 'Essay on the Principle of Population' (date of the unsigned preface)

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