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Tsai Ing-wen

7th President of the Republic of China Tsai Ing-wen

Profession: 7th President of the Republic of China


Biography: Tsai Ing-wen became Taiwan's first female leader upon her election in 2016. She was re-elected to a second term in 2020.

Tsai began her carer as an academic studying and teaching law and international trade in Taiwan and overseas. After serving in a number of government positions she joined the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in 2004 and was elected their presidential candidate in 2011. Despite losing the 2012 election she continued to lead the party until her victory in 2016, defeating Premier Ma Ying-jeou and the Kuomintang party.

Tsai is known for her foreign policy stances, for strengthening ties with the US and for her often open criticism of China's government. Domestically Tsai and her party have looked to introduce more green energy as well as pledging to end nuclear power by 2025. In 2019 her party implemented same-sex marriage reforms.

Born: August 31, 1956
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Age: 65 years old

Generation: Baby Boomer
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
Star Sign: Virgo

Historical Events

  • 2016-12-02 Donald Trump takes a call with Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen, in a break from America's long standing "One China" policy
  • 2020-01-11 Taiwan re-elects Tsai Ing-wen for a second term as president in a landslide result
  • 2021-10-10 Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen says country won't bow to Chinese pressure in defiant speech on Taiwanese National Day, day after Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to "fulfil reunification"

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