Founder of the Seljuk Empire Tughril

Profession: Founder of the Seljuk Empire


Biography: A great military leader and the founder of the Seljuk Empire, Tughril united the Turkmen peoples of the Great Eurasian Steppes into a confederacy and led them on military raids, conquering areas of Khorasan (north eastern Iran) then Persia.

Aided by his brother Chaghri, Tughril defeated the Ghaznavid Empire in 1040, made inroads into Byzantine territory in their province of Iberia in 1048 and captured Baghdad in 1055. Succeeded by his nephew after his death, the Seljuk Empire continued to expand until it stretched from Anatolia to the Hindu Kush until its demise in 1194.

Birthplace: Unknown

Died: September 4, 1063
Cause of Death: Unknown

Historical Events

  • 1040-05-23 Battle of Dandanaqan: Tughril's Seljuk army defeats Ghaznavid force, near Merv (present-day Turkmenistan), brings about the fall of the Ghaznavid Empire

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