Ty Cobb

MLB Legend Ty Cobb Full Name: Ty Cobb


Profession: MLB Legend
Why Famous: Spent 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers, the last six as the team's player-manager, and finished his career with the Philadelphia Athletics. He set 90 records during his career, several of which he still holds today.

He is widely considered as one of the greatest players of all time, but his legacy as an athlete has sometimes been overshadowed by his surly temperament, racism, and aggressive playing style.

Born: December 18, 1886
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Narrows, Georgia, USA

Died: July 17, 1961 (aged 74)

Married Life

  • 1948-09-24 American Major League Baseball outfielder Ty Cobb (61) weds Frances Cass (40)

Historical Events in the Life of Ty Cobb

  • 1904-04-21 Ty Cobb makes his pro debut for Augusta (South Atlantic League)
  • 1905-08-09 Mistaking her husband for a burglar, Ty Cobb's mother kills him
  • 1905-08-30 Tiger Ty Cobb makes his debut, doubling off Yank Jack Chesbro
  • 1909-07-15 Ty Cobb hits 2 inside-the-park HRs
  • 1909-09-13 Ty Cobb clinches AL HR title with his 9th HR (all inside-the-park)
  • 1909-10-09 Ty Cobb steals home in World Series game
  • 1910-10-09 Nap Lajorie challenges Ty Cobb batting average with 8 hits, 6 were bunts as Brown's 3rd baseman Red Corriden played deep, Cobb still won
  • 1911-07-02 Detroit Tigers legend Ty Cobb hits in his 40th straight game in 14-6 rout of Cleveland. Streak ends next game
  • 1911-07-04 Chicago White Sox pitcher Ed Walsh halts Ty Cobb's 40-game hitting streak as Cobb goes 0 for 4
  • 1911-10-11 Ty Cobb (AL) & Frank Schulte (NL) are 1st MVPs, each gets an auto
  • 1912-05-15 Ty Cobb rushes a heckler at a NY Highlander game & is suspended
  • 1912-05-18 A's beat Tigers 24-2, who use amateurs protesting Ty Cobbs suspension
  • 1912-05-19 AL President Ban Johnson tells Tigers if they continue protest of Ty Cobb's suspension, they will be banned from baseball
  • 1918-09-01 Ty Cobb pitches 2 innings against Browns
  • 1921-08-19 Ty Cobb, is 4th to get 3,000 hits
  • 1922-07-17 Ty Cobb gets 5 hits in a game for record 4th time in a year
  • 1925-05-05 Ty Cobb goes 6 for 6 (16 total bases)
  • 1925-05-06 Ty Cobb hits his 5th HR in 2 games tying Cap Ansons record of 1884
  • 1925-05-26 Tigers' Ty Cobb is 1st to collect 1,000 extra-base hits (ends 1,139)
  • 1925-10-04 Harry Heilmann's 6 hits edges Ty Cobb .393 to .389 as batting champ
  • 1926-11-03 Ty Cobb resigns as Detroit Tigers manager
  • 1927-07-18 Ty Cobb's 4,000th MLB career hit
  • 1928-06-15 Ty Cobb, 41, steals home for 50th & final time
  • 1928-09-03 Baseball Hall of Famer Ty Cobb got his 4,191th & final career hit
  • 1928-09-11 Ty Cobb last hitting appearance, pops out against Yankees
  • 1936-01-29 1st players elected to Baseball Hall of Fame: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson & Walter Johnson
  • 1937-03-26 Joe DiMaggio takes Ty Cobb's advice & replace his 40 with 36 oz bat
  • 1951-07-30 Ty Cobb testifies before the Emanuel Celler committee, denying that the reserve clause makes peons of baseball players
  • 1977-08-29 St Louis Cardinal Lou Brock eclipses Ty Cobb's 49-year-old career stolen bases record at 893 as Padres win 4-3
  • 1983-09-27 Tim Raines is 1st since Ty Cobb to steal 70 & drive in 70 runs
  • 1984-07-26 Expos Pete Rose ties Ty Cobb with his 3,052nd single
  • 1984-09-25 NY Met Rusty Staub joins Ty Cobb, who hit HRs as a teen & in 40s
  • 1985-09-08 Pete Rose ties Ty Cobb with 4,191 hits
  • 1985-09-11 Pete Rose of Cincinnati Reds gets career hit 4,192 off Eric Show of San Diego Padres, eclipsing Ty Cobb's record
  • 1990-05-29 Rickey Henderson steals record 893rd base, breaking Ty Cobb's record
  • 1994-12-02 "Cobb" a film about baseball player Ty Cobb, starring Tommy Lee Jones premieres

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