Victor Borge

Comedian and Pianist Victor Borge

Full Name: Børge Rosenbaum
Profession: Comedian and Pianist

United States of America

Biography: Also known as 'The Clown Prince of Denmark,' Borge came to fame for his unique blend of music and comedy. Both of his parents were musicians, and Borge continued in this line, learning piano and performing as a classical pianist.

After a few years of this, he began to incorporate his now familiar stand-up routine into his piano performances.

When Denmark was occupied by German forces in 1940, Borge was in Sweden and managed to escape to Finland, from where he travelled on to the United States. There he learnt English by watching movies and took the name Victor Borge, quickly adapting his routine to American audiences.

His rise to fame was quick, after arriving in 1940, he starred in Rudy Vallee's radio show in 1941, then won Best New Radio Performer in 1942. After this award, Borge was offered film roles with major stars including Frank Sinatra. Then, in 1946, he began hosting the Victor Borge Show on NBC.

Born: January 3, 1909
Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark

Generation: Greatest Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
Star Sign: Capricorn

Died: December 23, 2000 (aged 91)

Historical Events

  • 1951-02-03 "Victor Borge Show" debuts on NBC-TV
  • 1951-06-30 "Victor Borge Show" last airs on NBC-TV
  • 1953-10-02 Victor Borge's one-man show "Comedy in Music" opens at John Golden Theatre, NYC; runs for 849 performances, a Guinness world record
  • 1956-01-21 Victor Borge's one-man show "Comedy in Music" closes at John Golden Theatre, NYC; runs for 849 performances, a Guinness world record
  • 1977-10-03 Victor Borge's "Comedy with Music" opens at Imperial Theater, NYC; runs for 66 performances
  • 1977-11-27 Victor Borge's "Comedy with Music" closes at Imperial Theater, NYC, after 66 performances