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Walt Disney

Animator Walt Disney

Profession: Animator

United States of America

Why Famous: Co-founder of Walt Disney Productions

Born: December 5, 1901
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Generation: Greatest Generation
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: December 15, 1966 (aged 65)

Married Life

  • 1925-07-13 Film producer and co-founder of Walt Disney Productions Walt Disney (23) weds Lillian Bounds (26) at Lewiston's Episcopal Church of the Nativity in Lewiston, Idaho

Historical Events

  • 1920-01-29 Walt Disney starts work as an artist with KC Slide Co for $40 a week
  • 1922-05-23 Walt Disney incorporates his 1st film company Laugh-O-Gram Films
  • 1926-02-08 Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio becomes Walt Disney Studios
  • 1928-07-29 Test footage first created for Walt Disney's "Steamboat Willie" with Mickey Mouse
  • 1928-11-18 Walt Disney's "Steamboat Willie" released, first Mickey Mouse sound cartoon
  • 1937-12-21 The first full-length animated feature film and the earliest in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", premieres at the Carthay Circle Theatre
  • 1940-02-07 Walt Disney's second feature length movie, "Pinocchio" premieres (NYC)
  • 1940-11-10 Walt Disney begins serving as an informer for the Los Angeles office of the FBI; his job is to report back information on Hollywood subversives.
  • 1940-11-13 Walt Disney's animated film "Fantasia", starring Leopold Stokowski, The Philadelphia Orchestra, Mickey Mouse, and ballet dancing hippopotamuses, premieres at the Broadway Theatre, New York City
  • 1941-10-23 Walt Disney's animated film "Dumbo" released
  • 1950-02-15 Walt Disney's animated film "Cinderella" premieres in Boston
  • 1951-07-28 Walt Disney's animated musical film "Alice In Wonderland" released
  • 1954-10-27 Walt Disney's 1st TV show, "Disneyland", premieres on ABC
  • 1955-06-22 Walt Disney's animated film "Lady & the Tramp" released
  • 1961-01-25 Walt Disney's animated film "101 Dalmatians", based on the novel by Dodie Smith and directed by Clyde Geronimi and Hamilton Luske is released in the US
  • 1964-08-27 Walt Disney's "Mary Poppins" directed by Robert Stevenson, starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke premieres in Los Angeles
  • 1964-09-14 Walt Disney awarded Medal of Freedom at White House

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