Walter Payton

NFL Running Back Walter Payton Full Name: Walter Payton


Profession: NFL Running Back
Why Famous: One of the most prolific running backs in the history of the NFL, Payton played for the Chicago Bears for 13 seasons.

Payton was known around the NFL as "Sweetness".

Born: July 25, 1954
Star Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Columbia, Mississippi, USA

Died: November 1, 1999 (aged 45)
Cause of Death: Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer)

Married Life

  • 1976-07-07 NFL running back Walter Payton (21) weds Connie Norwood in Los Angeles, California

Historical Events in the Life of Walter Payton

  • 1977-11-20 Walter Payton (Bears) rushes for NFL record 275 yards
  • 1984-10-07 Walter Payton passes Jim Brown as NFL's career rushing leader
  • 1987-09-20 Walter Payton scores NFL record 107th rushing touchdown

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