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Wang Dan

Chinese Dissident Wang Dan

Profession: Chinese Dissident


Biography: As a student leader in the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, Wang has gone on to be a prominent member of the Chinese democracy movement. Starting off as a history student at Peking University, Wang received his Ph.D. in history from Harvard University.

Between the two, he was involved in the Tiananmen Square protests, placed on a most wanted list by the Chinese government, went into hiding, was arrested, and spent 2 years in prison before being released on parole in 1993.

He was then arrested again in 1995, then sentenced to 11 years in 1996—again being released early, this time as an exile to the United States.

During his time in the United States, Wang has continued to criticise the Chinese government and call for greater democracy and intellectual independence.

Born: February 26, 1969
Birthplace: Beijing, China
Age: 53 years old

Generation: Generation X
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
Star Sign: Pisces

Historical Events

  • 1989-07-02 Tiananmen Square student leader Wang Dan arrested and imprisoned for spreading counterrevolutionary propaganda and incitement (trial not till 1991)

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