Werner von Siemens

Industrialist and Inventor Werner von Siemens Full Name: Werner von Siemens [Ernst Werner Siemens]


Profession: Industrialist and Inventor
Why Famous: Namesake of the siemens unit of electrical conductance, Siemens played an integral role in the development of the telegraph industry through his various improvements to the invention.

He founded Siemens AG, which is today a successful industrial manufacturing company.

Born: December 13, 1816
Birthplace: Lenth, Hanover, German Confederation
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: December 6, 1892 (aged 75)

Historical Events in the Life of Werner von Siemens

  • 1847-10-01 German inventor and industrialist Werner von Siemens founds Siemens AG & Halske
  • 1882-04-29 The "Elektromote" - forerunner of the trolleybus - is tested by Werner von Siemens in Berlin