Wilfrid Laurier

Prime Minister of Canada Wilfrid Laurier

Full Name: Henri Charles Wilfrid Laurier
Profession: Prime Minister of Canada


Why Famous: Served as the seventh Prime Minister of Canada from 1896 to 1911.

Born: November 20, 1841
Birthplace: Saint-Lin, Quebec, Canada
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: February 17, 1918 (aged 76)
Cause of Death: Stroke

Married Life

  • 1868-08-13 Prime Minister of Canada Wilfrid Laurier (26) weds ZoĆ© Lafontaine (27) in Montreal, Canada

Events in the Life of Wilfrid Laurier

  • 1896-07-11 Wilfrid Laurier sworn in as the 7th Prime Minister of Canada
  • 1900-11-07 In Canada, the Liberal Government led by Wilfrid Laurier retains its majority
  • 1905-09-01 Wilfrid Laurier oversees Alberta and Saskatchewan joining the Confederation of Canada
  • 1910-05-04 Wilfrid Laurier passes the Naval Service Act, which creates the Royal Canadian Navy
  • 1911-09-21 Canadian Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier loses the election to Robert Bordon of the Conservative Party

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