Wilhelm Keitel

German WWII General Wilhelm Keitel

Profession: German WWII General


Biography: Keitel was the chief commander of the German armed forces for the entirety of World War II, serving from 1938 to 1945. In this capacity he oversaw the invasion and occupation of most of mainland Europe.

Keitel was one of three German signatories to the final surrender of Germany in the ruins of Berlin on May 8, 1945. After the war he was tried at Nuremberg with crimes against humanity and executed in 1946.

Born: September 22, 1882
Birthplace: Helmscherode, German Empire
Star Sign: Virgo

Died: October 16, 1946 (aged 64)
Cause of Death: Executed by hanging

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Historical Events

  • 1940-08-08 The "Aufbau Ost" directive is signed by Wilhelm Keitel.
  • 1945-05-08 German General Wilhelm Keitel formally surrenders to the Allies represented by the United States, the UK, France and the Soviet Union in Berlin
  • 1946-10-16 10 Nazi leaders are hanged as war criminals after Nuremberg war trials, including Wilhelm Keitel, Joachim von Ribbentrop and Alfred Jodl