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William Beaumont

Surgeon William Beaumont

Profession: Surgeon

United States of America

Biography: He is known as the "Father of Gastric Physiology" following his research on human digestion.

Beaumont conduct a series of digestion experiments 1822-1833 on Alexis St. Martin,, a man though shot in the stomach, survived after treatment by Beaumont. Beaumont compelled him to submit to digestion experiments after St. Martin signed a servant's contract with him.

Born: November 21, 1785
Birthplace: Lebanon, Connecticut, USA
Star Sign: Scorpio

Died: April 25, 1853 (aged 67)

Historical Events

  • 1822-06-06 Alexis St. Martin shot in the stomach and treated by physician William Beaumont on Mackinac Island. Leads Beaumont to conduct digestion experiments through hole in St. Martin's stomach.