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William Bligh

Naval Commander William Bligh

Profession: Naval Commander

United Kingdom

Biography: William Bligh was the commander of a British naval expedition to procure a source of food to feed slaves in the Caribbean plantations, breadfruit from Tahiti in the South Pacific.

On their return voyage, Bligh's men were so enraged by their commander's antagonistic attitude, he in turn believed them incompetent, that a mutiny led by Fletcher Christian occurred 3 weeks into their voyage.

Bligh and 18 men were turfed into a 6-metre launch and then made the remarkable 5,800 kilometer voyage to Timor.

Bligh did go on to further commands, disastrously he served as Governor of New South Wales 1806-08 and his abusive attitudes helped spark the Rum Rebellion and he was removed from his post.

Born: September 9, 1754
Birthplace: Plymouth, Great Britain
Star Sign: Virgo

Died: December 7, 1817 (aged 63)

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Historical Events

  • 1789-04-28 Fletcher Christian leads a mutiny on HMS Bounty against its captain William Bligh in the South Pacific
  • 1789-06-14 Captain William Bligh and his loyal men cast offf from HMS Bounty reach Timor, after sailing 5,800 km in a 6-metre launch
  • 1804-01-31 British vice-admiral William Blighs fleet reaches Curacao
  • 1804-02-26 Vice-admiral William Bligh (of Bounty fame) ends siege of Fort Amsterdam, Willemstad

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