William Boeing

Aviation Pioneer William Boeing

Full Name: William Edward Boeing
Profession: Aviation Pioneer

United States of America

Biography: Boeing founded The Boeing Company in 1916, which today has grown to be among the largest aircraft producers in the world, with iconic aircraft such as the Boeing 747.

The company in its present form came about as a merger with McDonnell Douglas in 1997, which was partially formed by his rival Donald Willis Douglas. Boeing formed his company after he became a pilot and his instructor was involved in a crash: he was told that replacement parts would not be available for months, so he decided he could build a better aircraft in quicker time.

Boeing divested himself of his companies when the US government his holdings of monopolistic practices, and the Boeing corporation was split into three separate entities.

Born: October 1, 1881
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Star Sign: Libra

Died: September 28, 1956 (aged 74)
Cause of Death: A heart attack while aboard his yacht in Puget Sound, Washington

Historical Events

  • 1916-06-15 Boeing Model 1 [B & W Seaplane], the 1st Boeing product, flies for the 1st time
  • 1916-07-15 Boeing Company (Pacific Aero) formed by William Boeing in Seattle, Washington
  • 1934-06-12 Black-McKeller Bill passes causes the break-up of William Boeing's empire into Boeing United Aircraft [Technologies] and United Airlines
  • 1941-06-14 Ground broken for Boeing Plant II (ex-AFLC Plant 13) in Wichita, Kansas

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