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William Henry Fox Talbot

Photography Pioneer William Henry Fox Talbot

Profession: Photography Pioneer


Biography: William Henry Fox Talbolt is known for inventing an early photographic developing technique, the calotype process in 1841.

Talbot patented his process and his costs in licencing this caused some controversy. Talbot was accused of stifling photography in Britain and 1852 removed costs for amateurs before a lawsuit in 1854 convinced him not to renew his patent.

In 1844-46 Talbot published "The Pencil of Nature" the first commercially published book to be illustrated with photographs.

Born: February 11, 1800
Birthplace: Dorset, England
Star Sign: Aquarius

Died: September 17, 1877 (aged 77)

Married Life

  • 1832-12-20 Inventor William Henry Fox Talbot (32) weds Constance Mundy

Historical Events

  • 1839-01-25 Henry Fox Talbot exhibits early photographs to the Royal Institution in the UK

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