William Lamb

British Prime Minister William Lamb

Full Name: 2nd Viscount Melbourne
Profession: British Prime Minister

United Kingdom

Biography: William Lamb entered the House of Commons as a Whig MP in 1806 and served 2 terms there until he inherited the title Lord Melbourne and joined the House of Lords.

Lamb was Home Secretary in 1830-34 until the resignation of Charles Grey, when he was appointed Prime Minister by King William IV. His premiership was unremarkable, there were no significant reforms or major incidents.

Lamb is remembered for mentoring the young Queen Victoria in politics and the two formed a close relationship

Lamb's private life was scandalous, his wife Caroline had an infamous affair with Lord Bryon in 1812, which led eventually to her separation from her husband. It was Caroline Lamb who coined the phase of Byron that he was "mad, bad and dangerous to know".

The Australian city of Melbourne is named after him.

Born: March 15, 1779
Birthplace: London, England, United Kingdom
Star Sign: Pisces

Died: November 24, 1848 (aged 69)

Married Life

  • 1805-06-03 Lady Caroline Ponsonby (19) marries future Prime Minister William Lamb, Lord Melbourne (26) in London

Historical Events

  • 1816-05-09 Lady Caroline Lamb publishes the Gothic novel "Glenarvon", a thinly disguised account of her affair with Lord Byron which also depicts her husband William Lamb
  • 1835-04-18 William Lamb (Lord Melbourne) becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after Robert Peel resigns out of frustration

Quotes by William Lamb

  • "Why not leave it alone?" - Change

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