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William Lloyd Garrison

Abolitionist and Social Reformer William Lloyd Garrison

Profession: Abolitionist and Social Reformer

United States of America

Biography: Editor of the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator and one of the founders of the American Anti-Slavery Society.

Garrison promoted the "immediate emancipation" for all slaves in the United States and was also a prominent advocate for the women's suffrage movement.

Born: December 10, 1805
Birthplace: Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: May 24, 1879 (aged 73)
Cause of Death: Kidney disease

Married Life

  • 1834-09-04 American abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison (28) weds Helen Eliza Benson (22), in Boston, Massachusetts

Historical Events

  • 1831-01-01 William Lloyd Garrison publishes 1st issue of abolitionist journal, "The Liberator"; publication continued until the 13th Amendment abolished slavery in 1865

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