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Willis Carrier

Air Conditioning Engineer Willis Carrier

Profession: Air Conditioning Engineer

United States of America

Biography: Willis Carrier was an American engineer who first developed modern air conditioning systems that helped revolutionise life in warmer climates.

Carrier invented the first air conditioning system for a printer in New York in 1902. After some improvements Carrier was granted a US patent for this in 1906.

In 1911 Carrier presented his "Rational Psychrometric Formulae" to the American Society of Engineers. His formula of the relationship between temperature, humidity and dew point remains definitive today.

In 1915 Carrier and six other engineers formed the Carrier Engineering Corporation, the company remains a major player in the industry.

Carrier went on to develop air-condition for large public spaces, such as picture theatres, shops and malls that would forever change the way people lived their lives.

Born: November 26, 1876
Birthplace: Angola, New York, USA
Star Sign: Sagittarius

Died: October 7, 1950 (aged 73)

Historical Events

  • 1906-01-02 Willis Carrier receives a US patent for the world's first air conditioner
  • 1911-12-03 Willis Carrier presents his influential "Rational Psychrometric Formulae" on air conditioning to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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