A Royal Fantasy!

Otto Witte, a German acrobat and fantasist
Otto Witte, a German acrobat and fantasist

Historical Context

Otto Witte probably suffered from delusions of grandeur when he claimed he was crowned the King of Albania in 1913. He claimed that when Albania broke away from the Ottoman Empire, some Albanian Muslims had invited a Halim Eddine to be their king. Seeing he physically resembled Eddine, he claimed local troops crowned him King shortly after and he reigned for five days before being discovered.

He also claimed to have been a contender in the German presidential election in 1925 but this is disproved by the voting records. Nevertheless when he died in 1958 his tombstone was adorned with 'former King of Albania.'

Photo Info

Location taken: Albania

Related Events

  • 1913-08-13 Otto Witte, German acrobat and fantasist, is purportedly crowned King of Albania

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