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Anti Omar al-Bashir Protest

Alaa Salah during a protest against President Omar al-Bashir
Alaa Salah during a protest against President Omar al-Bashir

Historical Context

The image of Alaa Salah has become a symbol of the Sudanese protests against the regime of president Omar al-Bashi in 2019. She stands on top of a car leading a chant in Khartoum, dressed as a Kanate, an ancient Kushite Queen.

The protest movement had begun in December 2018 in response to the high cost of living and grew to demand economic reforms and for the president to step down. President al-Bashir attempted a crack down, declaring a state of emergency in February and dissolved the countries parliaments. By April there were large-scale public protests in Khartoum meet by violence by the ruling regime's security forces.

President al-Bashir was deposed by the military on April 11 but protests for democracy continued. A massacre in June prompted worldwide condemnation. After negotiations a transitional Sovereignty Council was appointed in August to rule for three years before elections would be held.

Photo Info

Photographer: Lana H. Haroun
Date taken: April 8, 2019
Location taken: Khartoum, Sudan

Source: Twitter

Related Events

  • 2019-04-08 Protests in Sudan against the government of Omar al-Bashir continue with seven killed and 2,500 arrested in Khartoum
  • 2019-04-11 Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir overthrown and arrested by the army in Khartoum after 29 years in power
  • 2019-05-13 Former President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir is charged in connection with the deaths of protesters the previous month

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