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Battle of Fariskur

Louis IX being taken prisoner by Baibars' Mamluk army
Louis IX being taken prisoner by Baibars' Mamluk army

Historical Context

King Louis IX of France was a zealous Christian man who reigned with an iron hand in matters of religion. It comes as no surprise then that he decided his role as a Christian outweighed his role as King of France and he embarked on the Seventh Crusade.

The crusade was a six-year disaster. At the Battle of Al Mansurah, his army was destroyed, and at the following Battle of Fariskur, he himself was captured by the Egyptians. After a month of captivity he was ransomed for 400,000 dinars and allowed to leave, provided the French gave up all their claims in Egypt.

The disaster of this crusade did not dim his hopes of taking back the holy land - instead he launched another crusade in 1267. Shortly after landing at Carthage however dysentery broke out in the camp and Louis himself died of the disease in 1270.

Painting Info

Artist: Gustave Doré
Location painted: Egypt

Related Events

  • 1250-07-03 Louis IX of France is captured by Baibars' Mamluk army at the Battle of Fariskur while he is in Egypt conducting the Seventh Crusade; he later has to ransom himself

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