Battle of Ivry

King Henry IV of France at the Battle of Ivry
King Henry IV of France at the Battle of Ivry

Historical Context

The French Wars of Religion between the Catholics and the Huguenots (Protestants) were an exceptionally brutal conflict that claimed the lives of at least three million lives over a 30 year period. Henry IV of France, a Protestant, launched a four year war of succession when Henry III died in 1589.

Large parts of France were in the hands of the Catholic League when he launched his uprising. On the road to Paris, Henry IV and his English allies fought the Catholic League at Ivry. The decisive victory allowed Henry to besiege Paris, but he was told he would never be allowed in the city if he wasn't Catholic. He would later convert to Catholicism and reign France until 1610.

Painting Info

Date taken: March 14, 1590
Location painted: Ivry, Eure, France

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