Constitution of the United States

Date taken: September 17, 1787
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Author(s): Philadelphia Convention
Source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Historical Context

The supreme law of the United States of America, the US Constitution was drafted by the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention which took place between May 25 and September 17, 1787.

It was the first constitution of its kind, and has influenced the constitutions of many other nations.

Since the Constitution came into force in 1789, it has been amended 27 times.

Historical Events

  • 1787-05-14 Delegates gather in Philadelphia to draw up US constitution
  • 1787-09-17 The US Constitution is signed by delegates at the Philadelphia Convention
  • 1787-12-12 Pennsylvania becomes 2nd state to ratify US constitution
  • 1787-12-18 New Jersey becomes 3rd state to ratify US constitution
  • 1788-01-02 Georgia is 4th state to ratify US constitution
  • 1788-05-23 South Carolina becomes 8th state to ratify US constitution
  • 1788-06-21 US Constitution comes into effect when New Hampshire is the 9th state to ratify it
  • 1788-06-25 Virginia becomes 10th state to ratify US constitution
  • 1789-03-04 1st US Congress meets and declares constitution in effect (9 senators, 13 reps)
  • 1790-05-29 Rhode Island becomes last of original 13 colonies ratifying US Constitution
  • 1861-02-09 Confederate Provisional Congress declares all laws under the US Constitution were consistent with constitution of Confederate states (US Civil War)

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