Down With Disco!

Date taken: July 12, 1979
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Photographer: Unknown
Source: Rebeat Magazine

Historical Context

The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, ABBA, The Village People, Chic... classic disco legends or annoying drivel depending on who you ask. Disco had been a global cultural phenomenon for much of the late 1970s, in a decade otherwise dominated by hard and stadium rock.

Disco became pre-eminent after it emerged from the clubs and discothèques of the early 1970s. Films like Saturday Night Fever (1977) helped the genre become chart-topping all over the world - drawing an angry backlash from rock fans.

In 1979, in an attempt to promote a baseball match in Chicago, fans were told to bring disco records which would be destroyed on the field between games. When this happened, many onlookers who had come only for the explosion rushed onto the field, damaging the field to the point where the White Sox were forced to forfeit the match to the Detroit Tigers.

Demolition Night was the symbol of disco's precipitous decline in the United States by 1980, where it was seen as mindless and out of fashion. Nevertheless, the genre has made a comeback in recent years with artists like Daft Punk and Bruno Mars making the disco feel a prominent part of their music.

Historical Events

  • 1979-07-12 "Disco Demolition Night" at Comiskey Park: fans go wild destroying disco records and cause the White Sox to forfeit second game of a doubleheader to the Detroit Tigers

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