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The Motherland Monument

The Motherland Monument in Kiev, Ukraine
The Motherland Monument in Kiev, Ukraine

Historical Context

Opened in 1981, Kiev's Motherland Monument is part of a museum commemorating Soviet victories in the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet name for WWII's eastern front. The statue stands 62 meters high and holds a sword in one hand and a shield with the emblem of the USSR in the other.

The statue was designed by the Ukrainian sculptor Vasiliy Boroday, who originally wanted it to be covered in gold leaf before stainless steel was chosen instead. There are two impressive viewing platforms over the city of Kiev from inside the statue.

Monument Info

Location: Pechersk, Kiev, Ukraine

Related Events

  • 1981-05-09 The Motherland Monument at 62 m (203 ft) high is opened in Kyiv, Ukraine in ceremony attended by Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev

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