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The Smurfs TV Debut

The Smurfs title card from the 1981 TV series
The Smurfs title card from the 1981 TV series

Historical Context

The Smurfs are the invention of a Belgian cartoonist Peyo (Pierre Culliford). The first appeared in 1958 with another cartoon story "Johan et Pirlouit" and were originally called "Schtroumpf", translated into German as Smurf.

The Smurfs first appeared in their own cartoons in 1959 and in their own movie "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute" in 1976. Hanna-Barbera Productions then produced a widely popular cartoon series in 1981 which ran until 1990. Sony pictures went on to release the first live-action/computer-animated Smurf film in 2011.

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Location taken: USA

Related Events

  • 1958-10-23 The Smurfs first appear in the story "Johan and Pirlouit" by Belgium cartoonist Peyo
  • 1981-09-12 "The Smurfs" animated cartoon series by Hanna-Barbera first broadcasts in North America

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