A Hard Quiz on the Kings and Queens of England

  • Which English king had a sarcophagus built too small for his body, so when he was buried he had to be stuffed inside and his bowels burst?

    • William the Conqueror

      William the Conqueror

    • Henry VIII

      Henry VIII

    • Richard the Lionheart

      Richard the Lionheart

    • Edward III

      Edward III

  • True or false: The correct way of remembering the fate of Henry VIII's six wives is "divorced, beheaded, died; divorced, beheaded, survived"

    Anne Boleyn
    • False
    • True
  • What happened to the Spanish Armada that was poised to invade England in 1588, during the reign of Elizabeth I?

    Elizabeth I
    • Most of the fleet sunk in a storm
    • It never actually sailed and the invasion was called off
    • The King of Spain died before the invasion could begin
    • It was defeated by Sir Francis Drake and Howard of Effingham
  • Who is this king, the last Anglo-Saxon monarch of England before William the Conqueror invaded in 1066 and killed him in battle?

    Harold II
    • Richard III
    • Henry II
    • Harold II Godwinson
    • Alfred the Great
  • True or false: All seventeen of Queen Anne's children died before her

    Anne Stuart
    • True
    • False
  • Who was the second-longest reigning monarch in British history, whose coronation is depicted in this image?

    Coronation of Queen Victoria
    • Queen Elizabeth I
    • Queen Victoria
    • Queen Anne
    • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Which seminal document was signed by King John after a rebellion of nobles in the early 1200s?

    • Flushing Remonstrance

      Flushing Remonstrance

    • Articles of Confederation

      Articles of Confederation

    • Treaty of Waitangi

      Treaty of Waitangi

    • Magna Carta

      Magna Carta

  • What was the main reason that Mary, Queen of Scots was executed in 1587?

    Execution of Mary Queen of Scots
    • She was implicated in a plot to assassinate Elizabeth I
    • She tried to escape imprisonment
    • She converted to Catholicism
    • She was accused of stealing large sums of money
  • True or false: Henry VIII was the last English monarch to rule as King of Ireland

    • True
    • False
  • Why did Queen Elizabeth II call the year 1992 her 'annus horribilis' (horrible year)?

    Elizabeth II
    • The Queen Mother died and she was pelted with eggs during a visit to Germany
    • A fire ravaged Windsor Castle and some of her children divorced
    • She had various health problems
    • A man broke into Buckingham Palace while she was asleep and entered her room