Weekly Quiz for December 16 - 22

  • Which ballet, by Tchaikovsky, is the world's most performed ballet?

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    • Swan Lake
    • Sleeping Beauty
    • The Nutcracker
    • Giselle
  • Whose essay, published during the American Revolution in 1776, began "These are the times that try men's souls"?

    • Mark Twain

      Mark Twain

    • Thomas Paine

      Thomas Paine

    • Thomas Jefferson

      Thomas Jefferson

    • Abraham Lincoln

      Abraham Lincoln

  • Who directed the 1946 classic film "Its a Wonderful Life", starring James Stewart?

    James Stewart
    • William Wyler
    • Alfred Hitchcock
    • John Ford
    • Frank Capra
  • Who discovered radium in 1898?

    • Rosalind Franklin

      Rosalind Franklin

    • Marie  and Pierre Curie

      Marie and Pierre Curie

    • Ernest Rutherford

      Ernest Rutherford

    • Linus Pauling

      Linus Pauling

  • In 1849 the execution by firing squad of Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky was called off at the last second?

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky
    • False
    • True
  • Who did actor Boris Karloff appear as in the 1932 horror film classic?

    Boris Karloff
    • The Mummy
    • Nosferatu
    • The Thing
    • Dracula
  • In 1967 the Prime Minister of Australia mysteriously vanished while swimming?

    • False
    • True
  • Charles Dickens's story of Ebenezer Scrooge published this week in 1843 is titled what?

    Charles Dickens
    • Hard Times
    • The Pickwick Papers
    • A Christmas Memory
    • A Christmas Carol
  • Who is this who renamed his empire Yuan, marking the start of the Chinese Yuan Dynasty in 1278 AD?

    Kublai Khan
    • Emperor Taizu
    • Genghis Khan
    • Kublai Khan
    • Emperor Qin Shi Huang
  • In 1989 who was the dictator ousted from power in Romania after 23 years?

    • Josip Broz Tito

      Josip Broz Tito

    • Francisco Franco

      Francisco Franco

    • Nicolae Ceausescu

      Nicolae Ceausescu

    • Idi Amin

      Idi Amin