Weekly Quiz for December 30 - January 5

  • What year did Ellis Island, the immigration inspection station in New York, open?

    Statue of Liberty
    • 1852
    • 1872
    • 1892
    • 1912
  • Which famous English diarist wrote the 1st entry in his diary 1st January 1660?

    • Ben Jonson

      Ben Jonson

    • Daniel Defoe

      Daniel Defoe

    • John Milton

      John Milton

    • Samuel Pepys

      Samuel Pepys

  • Which leader declared himself dictator in 1925, with the title "Il Duce" (the Leader)?

    • Adolf Hitler

      Adolf Hitler

    • Benito Mussolini

      Benito Mussolini

    • Francisco Franco

      Francisco Franco

    • Vladimir Lenin

      Vladimir Lenin

  • Who did Muhammad XII, Emir of Granada and the last Muslim leader to rule on the Iberian peninsula, surrender to in 1492?

    Completion of the Reconquista
    • Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabel I of Castile
    • Philip II
    • Philip V
    • Joseph I
  • Apple Computer became an incorporated company in 1977 headed by Steve Jobs and who else?

    • Tim Berners-Lee

      Tim Berners-Lee

    • Alan Turing

      Alan Turing

    • Steve Wozniak

      Steve Wozniak

    • Larry Ellison

      Larry Ellison

  • Who was the 1st female artist to be added to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987?

    • Whitney Houston

      Whitney Houston

    • Aretha Franklin

      Aretha Franklin

    • Janis Joplin

      Janis Joplin

    • Tina Turner

      Tina Turner

  • True or false: The 1st batsman in cricket to score 1000 runs in a single innings was a 15 year-old Mumbai school boy?

    • True
    • False
  • Who issued the Emancipation Proclamation in America in 1863?

    • Thomas Jefferson

      Thomas Jefferson

    • Andrew Jackson

      Andrew Jackson

    • Andrew Johnson

      Andrew Johnson

    • Abraham Lincoln

      Abraham Lincoln

  • Who wrote the novel Frankenstein, published this week in 1818?

    • Mary Shelley

      Mary Shelley

    • Emily Brontë

      Emily Brontë

    • Bram Stoker

      Bram Stoker

    • Edgar Allan Poe

      Edgar Allan Poe

  • The European organisation, the EEC, otherwise known as the European Common Market, began operations in 1958, what does the EEC stand for?

    The Blue Marble
    • Eastern European Consensus
    • European Economic Community
    • European Equal Currency
    • Establishment of European Countries