Weekly Quiz for February 24 - March 1

  • Under what name did Muhammad Ali win his 1st heavyweight world title this week in 1964?

    Ali Floors The Bear in Just Two Minutes
    • Sonny Liston
    • Cassius Clay
    • Walker Smith Jr.
    • Curtis Strange
  • What scientific discovery did Francis Crick along with James Watson make in 1953?

    Francis Crick
    • How to split the atom
    • Isolation of insulin
    • DNA Double Helix structure
    • Lasers
  • Which was the world's first national park, created in 1872?

    The Blue Marble
    • Yellowstone Park, USA
    • Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina
    • Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
    • The Royal National Park, Australia
  • "Dark Side of the Moon" released in 1973 is an album by which band?

    Far Side of the Moon Revealed
    • The Eagles
    • Fleetwood Mac
    • AC/DC
    • Pink Floyd
  • In 2013 the brains of two rats were connected via the internet to share information?

    IBM 305 RAMAC
    • False
    • True
  • Who was the 1st Roman Emperor to persecute Christians?

    • Augustus Caesar

      Augustus Caesar

    • Nero


    • Constantine the Great

      Constantine the Great

    • Diocletian


  • Which writer, born in 1802, wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables?

    • Jules Verne

      Jules Verne

    • Victor Hugo

      Victor Hugo

    • Robert Louis Stevenson

      Robert Louis Stevenson

    • Charles Dickens

      Charles Dickens

  • In 1967 a West German court ruled that impostor Anna Anderson had failed to prove she was who?

    Very Rare Photo of the Supreme Court
    • Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov
    • Queen Christina of Sweden
    • Member of the Rockefeller family
    • Andrew Carnegie's daughter
  • What happened to the steamship SS City of Glasgow that departed Liverpool in 1854 with 480 on board?

    SS Libau Sets Sail
    • Struck an iceberg and sank
    • Caught fire entering New York harbour
    • Raided by pirates at sea
    • She was never seen again
  • Who was the 1st African American to win an Oscar?

    • Halle Berry

      Halle Berry

    • Denzel Washington

      Denzel Washington

    • Hattie McDaniel

      Hattie McDaniel

    • Sidney Poitier

      Sidney Poitier