Weekly Quiz for July 1-7

  • The Civil Rights Act was signed into law by which US president?

    • Lyndon B. Johnson

      Lyndon B. Johnson

    • John F. Kennedy

      John F. Kennedy

    • Dwight D. Eisenhower

      Dwight D. Eisenhower

    • Gerald Ford

      Gerald Ford

  • True or False: In 2017 followers of Indian spiritual leader Ashutosh Maharaj won a court case, 3 years after his death, to keep his body in a freezer in case he should return to life?

    • True
    • False
  • Which was the largest-ever battle fought on the American continent?

    The Blue Marble
    • Battles of Saratoga (American Revolutionary War)
    • Battle of Gettsburg (US Civil War)
    • Battle of Vicksburg (US Civil War)
    • Battle of the Little Bighorn (Great Sioux War)
  • What in 1996 did the UK House of Commons vote to return to Scotland after 700 years?

    • St. Margaret’s shoulder bone
    • The remains of Bonnie Prince Charlie
    • The Stone of Scone
    • Galloway Viking Hoard
  • True or false: Two former American Presidents died on the same day, July 4, 1826

    United States of America
    • False
    • True
  • Who is this famous American athlete, born this week in 1961?

    Carl Lewis
    • Carl Lewis
    • Ben Johnson
    • Michael Johnson
    • Usain Bolt
  • In 1348 as the Black Death swept across Europe Pope Clement VI issued a papal bull to say who was not to blame?

    Black Death
    • Turks
    • Lepers
    • Jews
    • Rats
  • Which writer had an obscenity ban for their novel "Naked Lunch" overturned by the Massachusetts Supreme Court in 1966?

    • Allen Ginsberg

      Allen Ginsberg

    • William S. Burroughs

      William S. Burroughs

    • D. H. Lawrence

      D. H. Lawrence

    • Jack Kerouac

      Jack Kerouac

  • What was the name of the Spanish slave ship on board which a slave revolt began in 1839?

    Russian Antarctic Expedition
    • Clotilda
    • Antelope
    • La Amistad
    • Guerrero
  • Who published their work Principia, outlining laws of motion and universal gravitation, in 1687?

    • Christopher Wren

      Christopher Wren

    • Robert Hooke

      Robert Hooke

    • Edmond Halley

      Edmond Halley

    • Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton