Weekly Quiz for October 21 - 27

  • In which battle in 1805 was British Admiral Horatio Nelson killed in action?

    Horatio Nelson
    • Battle of Waterloo
    • Battle of Trafalgar
    • Battle of the Nile
    • Battle of Cape Vincent
  • Who is this 19th century figure who began her famous work in 1854?

    Florence Nightingale
    • Susan B Anthony
    • Emmeline Pankhurst
    • Jane Austen
    • Florence Nightingale
  • The film version of My Fair Lady which premiered in 1964 starred which actress?

    • Julie Andrews

      Julie Andrews

    • Judy Garland

      Judy Garland

    • Audrey Hepburn

      Audrey Hepburn

    • Grace Kelly

      Grace Kelly

  • Who was the 1st European to sail into and then across the Pacific Ocean, in 1520?

    Portuguese Discover Brazil
    • Ferdinand Magellan
    • Francis Drake
    • Vasco da Gama
    • Christopher Columbus
  • This photo was at the center of what international crisis in 1962?

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    • Suez Crisis
    • Cuban Missile Crisis
    • Prague Spring
    • Vietnam War
  • True or false: In 1091, a tornado struck London demolishing London Bridge

    Palace of Westminster
    • True
    • False
  • Where was the world's first football/soccer club founded this week in England in 1857?

    • Manchester
    • London
    • Birmingham
    • Sheffield
  • The Charge of the Light Brigade, which took place this week, was the subject of a famous poem by which poet?

    • Alfred Tennyson

      Alfred Tennyson

    • William Wordsworth

      William Wordsworth

    • Lord Byron

      Lord Byron

    • Walt Whitman

      Walt Whitman

  • October 26, 1977 is the anniversary for the worldwide eradication of which disease through vaccination?

    Swine Flu Pandemic
    • Polio
    • Yaws
    • Smallpox
    • Maleria
  • The famous gun fight at the OK Corral in 1881, featured which notorious marshal and gunslinger?

    • Billy the Kid

      Billy the Kid

    • Doc Holliday

      Doc Holliday

    • Calamity Jane

      Calamity Jane

    • Wyatt Earp

      Wyatt Earp