Weekly Quiz for September 2-8

  • On V-J Day, where did Japan formally surrender, marking the end of WWII?

    Victory over Japan
    • Honolulu, Hawaii
    • On board USS Missouri
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Okinawa, Japan
  • Which American city was sacked and burned this week in 1864 by General Sherman during the US Civil War?

    William Tecumseh Sherman
    • New Orleans
    • Vicksburg
    • Atlanta
    • Washington DC.
  • In 1972 American Mark Spitz became the first Olympian to win how many gold medals in Munich?

    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
  • In 1698 Russian Tsar Peter the Great imposed a tax on beards

    Peter the Great
    • True
    • False
  • Who is this, whose expedition was the 1st to circumnavigate the earth, yet had to return home without him in 1522?

    Ferdinand Magellan
    • Francisco Pizzaro
    • Walter Raleigh
    • Vasco da Gama
    • Ferdinand Magellan
  • Who was the first European to discover Manhattan Island this week in 1609?

    New York
    • Juan Ponce de León
    • Henry Hudson
    • Samuel de Champlain
    • Christopher Columbus
  • Which sci-fi TV series debuted this week in 1966?

    1st Person to Walk in Space
    • Doctor Who
    • Buck Rogers
    • Flash Gordon
    • Star Trek
  • Who carved this famous statue of David, unveiled in Florence in 1504?

    The Statue of David
    • Michaelangelo
    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Donatello
    • Gian Lorenzo Bernini
  • Who was the star of Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho, released this week in 1960?

    • James Stewart

      James Stewart

    • Cary Grant

      Cary Grant

    • Ray Milland

      Ray Milland

    • Anthony Perkins

      Anthony Perkins

  • When Britain and the British Empire (including the American colonies) adopted the Gregorian Calendar in 1752, losing 11 days, people rioted because they thought the government had stolen 11 days of their lives

    United Kingdom
    • True
    • False