Astronomy History

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Historical Events

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1560-08-21 Tycho Brahe becomes interested in astronomy

Astronomer Tycho Brahe
Tycho Brahe
  • 1662-09-12 John Flamsteed sees partial solar eclipse, stirs his interest in astronomy
  • 1960-04-04 Project Ozma begins at Green Bank radio astronomy center
  • 1962-03-07 Launch of OSO 1, 1st astronomy satellite (solar flare data)
  • 1962-10-01 US National Radio Astronomy Obs gets a 300' (91m) radio telescope
  • 1968-07-04 Radio astronomy satellite Explorer 38 launched
  • 1970-12-12 Small Astronomy Satellite Explorer 42 launched to study X-rays
  • 1972-08-21 US orbiting astronomy observatory Copernicus launched
  • 1972-11-15 Small Astronomy Satellite Explorer 48 launched to study gamma rays
  • 1973-06-10 NASA launches Radio Astronomy Explorer 49 into lunar orbit
  • 1975-05-07 Small Astronomy Satellite Explorer 53 launched to study X-rays
  • 1977-08-12 High Energy Astronomy Observatory {HEAO] 1 launched into Earth's orbit by NASA

Famous Birthdays

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1749-09-19 Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre, French mathematician and astronomer (The History of Astronomy), born in Amiens, France (d. 1822)

Mathematician/Astronomer Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre
Jean Baptiste Joseph Delambre
  • 1842-02-26 Camille Flammarion, Mars researcher & popularizer of astronomy
  • 1923-03-04 Patrick Moore, England, astronomer/writer (A-Z of Astronomy), (d. 2012)
  • 1939-03-08 George William Reed, astronomy writer/cartoonist (Dark Sky Legacy)