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Typhoid in History

Historical Events

Historic Publication

1907-06-15 Researcher George Soper publishes the results of his investigation into recent typhoid outbreaks in the New York area and announces that Mary Mallon [Typhoid Mary] is the likely source of the outbreak

  • 1910-02-19 Typhoid Mary [Mary Mallon] is freed from her first periods of forced isolation and goes on to cause several further outbreaks of typhoid in the New York area
  • 1914-04-14 Dr. Harry Plotz isolates the bacteria that causes Typhus Fever (Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York City)
  • 1915-03-27 Typhoid Mary [Mary Mallon] is arrested and returned to quarantine on North Brother Island, New York after spending five years evading health authorities and causing several further outbreaks of typhoid
  • 2019-11-15 Pakistan becomes the 1st country to introduce a vaccine against typhoid, targeting 10 million children

Famous Birthdays

  • 1861-08-10 Almroth Wright, English bacteriologist (one of 1st vaccines for typhoid), born in Yorkshire England (d. 1947)

Typhoid Mary

1869-09-23 Mary Mallon, Irish-American patient ('Typhoid Mary') 1st person in the US known to be immune to typhoid, and carrier of the disease (infected at least 51 people in New York City), born in Cookstown, Ireland (d. 1938)

  • 1870-08-17 Frederick F. Russell, American army physician, developed 1st successful typhoid fever vaccine, born in Auburn, New York (d. 1960)

Famous Deaths

Roger Sherman

1793-07-23 Roger Sherman, American lawyer and Founding Father of the United States (Declaration of Independence), dies of typhoid fever at 72

Franz Schubert

1828-11-19 Franz Schubert, Austrian composer (Die schöne Müllerin), dies at 31 from typhoid fever

  • 1834-10-10 Thomas Say, American naturalist and father of descriptive entomology, dies from typhoid fever at 47
  • 1842-01-16 Thomas Fearnley, Norwegian landscape painter, dies of typhoid fever at 39
  • 1871-07-17 Carl Tausig, Polish pianist, student and protégé of Liszt, and composer noted for his transcriptions, dies of typhoid at 29
  • 1894-01-21 Guillaume Lekeu, Belgian composer (Épithalame), dies of typhoid fever at 24
  • 1895-07-09 Jack Simpson, Scottish golfer (British Open 1884), dies of typhoid fever at 35
  • 1896-11-22 George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., American engineer and inventor (Ferris Wheel), dies of typhoid fever at 37
  • 1900-06-03 Mary Kingsley, English ethnographer and explorer who became the first European to enter parts of Gabon, Africa, dies of typhoid at 37
  • 1912-07-17 Dorothy Goetz Berlin, newlywed bride of songwriter Irving Berlin, dies of typhoid fever contracted during their Havana honeymoon at 20
  • 1913-10-20 Daniel David Palmer, Canadian founder of chiropractic (1897 Palmer School of Chiropractic), dies of typhoid fever at 68
  • 1935-11-02 Jock "Herbie" Cameron, South African cricket wicketkeeper and captain (26 Tests; 51 dismissals), dies of typhoid at 30

Typhoid Mary

1938-11-11 Mary Mallon, Irish-American patient best known as 'Typhoid Mary' and the first person in the United States known to be immune to typhoid, dies at 69

  • 1947-04-30 Almroth Wright, English bacteriologist (developed one of 1st vaccines for typhoid), dies at 85