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HIV/Aids in History (Part 2)

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Famous Deaths

  • 1993-10-15 Ken E. Jones, musician (New Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra), dies of AIDS at 34
  • 1993-11-20 Emile Ardolino, American director (Dirty Dancing), dies at 50 of AIDs
  • 1993-11-21 Emile Ardolino, director (Sister Act), dies of AIDS at 50
  • 1993-12-12 Jeremiah Sullivan, actor (Soldier, Double-Stop), dies of AIDS at 58
  • 1994-01-27 Joe Mays, actor (Mr Saturday Night), dies of AIDS at 44
  • 1994-02-17 Randy Shilts, American journalist (& the band played on), dies of AIDs at 41
  • 1994-02-19 Derek Jarman, actor and director (Tempest), dies of AIDS at 52
  • 1994-02-19 Fausto Bara, Mexican-American actor (The Renegades - "Gaucho"), dies of AIDS at 42
  • 1994-03-21 Dack Rambo, American actor (Jack Ewing-Dallas), dies from AIDs at 52
  • 1994-03-22 Dan Hartman, American musician, singer-songwriter, and producer (Edgar Winter Group - "Free Ride; solo- "I Can Dream About You"; James Brown -"Living In America") dies of an AIDS-related brain tumor at 43
  • 1994-04-15 John Curry, British figure skater (Olympic gold, World C'ship gold, European C'ship gold 1976), dies from AIDS at 44
  • 1994-05-06 Fred Sadoff, actor (Quiet American), dies of AIDS at 67
  • 1994-07-11 Bart Scheepens, actor/director, dies of AIDS at 50
  • 1994-08-16 Frits de Knight, photographer, dies of AIDS at 40
  • 1994-08-29 Michael Peters, American choreographer and dancer (Dreamgirls; Michael Jackson) dies of complications from AIDS at 46
  • 1994-09-18 Franco Moschino, Italian fashion designer, dies from AIDS complications at 44
  • 1994-10-01 Brad O'Hare, American actor, dies of complications of HIV/AIDS at 43
  • 1994-10-07 Paul Swift, American actor (Egg Man in Pink Flamingo), dies of AIDS at 60
  • 1994-11-02 David Feinberg, American AIDS activist and author, dies at 37
  • 1994-11-03 Dennis C Ott, American actor (Star Trek 3/4), dies of AIDs
  • 1994-11-11 Pedro Zamora, Cuban American AIDS Activist, dies at 22
  • 1994-12-03 Elizabeth Glaser, American AIDS activist, wife of director Paul Michael Glaser, dies of AIDS at 47
  • 1994-12-31 Leigh Bowery, Australian performance artist and designer, dies of AIDS at 33
  • 1995-01-22 Christopher Francis Palmer, British composer, orchestrator, and musicologist, dies of AIDS complications 48
  • 1995-01-22 Nico Adriaans, Dutch AIDS activist, founder of Rotterdam Junkiebond, dies of AIDS at 37
  • 1995-02-10 Paul Monette, American writer, dies of AIDS at 49
  • 1995-03-17 Rick Aviles, US comic/actor (Ghost), dies of AIDS
  • 1995-03-26 Eazy-E [Eric Lynn Wright], American rapper (N.W.A.), dies from AIDS-related illness at 30
  • 1995-03-29 Jimmy McShane, Irish singer (Baltimora - "Tarzan Boy"), dies of AIDS at 37
  • 1995-04-04 Kenny Everett [Maurice James Christopher Cole], British TV personality and disc Jockey, dies at 50 of an AIDS related illness
  • 1995-05-12 Reza Abdoh, Iranian born American theater director, dies of AIDs at 32
  • 1995-08-23 Leslie Graves, American actress (Brenda-Capitol, Death Wish 2), dies of AIDS at 35
  • 1995-11-27 Simon Bailey, 1st British priest to say he had AIDS, dies at 40
  • 1995-11-29 Stone Cates, fictional character on TV soap General Hospital, dies of AIDS
  • 1995-12-27 Jeremy John Beadle, British critic, writer and broadcaster, dies of AIDS at 39
  • 1996-03-16 Charlie Barnett, American actor and comedian, dies of AIDS at 41
  • 1996-03-31 Dario Bellezza, Italian poet, dies of AIDS at 51
  • 1996-06-11 Ulysses Dove, American dancer (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater), and choreographer (Red Angels), dies of AIDS-related illness at 49
  • 1996-06-27 Peter Adair, American documentary filmmaker (Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives), dies of AIDS at 52
  • 1996-07-11 Martin Corbett, English gay rights activist (Gay Liberation Front, OutRage!), dies of AIDS at 51
  • 1996-07-17 Chris Komar, American dancer, dies of aids at 48
  • 1997-08-02 Fela Kuti, Nigerian Afrobeat musician and composer, dies of an illness, disputedly AIDS related, at 58
  • 1997-12-16 Richard Warwick, English actor (Johnny Dangerously, Sebastine, If), dies of AIDS complications at 52
  • 1998-09-02 Jonathan Mann, American physician and AIDS activist, dies in the 1998 crash of Swissair Flight 111 at 51
  • 2000-05-08 Henry Nicols, American AIDS activist, dies as the result of a car accident at 26
  • 2010-01-12 Daniel Bensa├»d, French philosopher and a leader of the Trotskyist movement in France, dies of cancer caused by the side effects of drugs used to treat AIDS at 63
  • 2012-01-21 Jonathan Idema, American torturer, kidnapper and con-artist, dies from Aids complications at 55

Tommy Morrison

2013-09-01 <a href="/people/tommy-morrison">Tommy Morrison, American boxer (WBO heavyweight title 1993) and actor (Rocky V), dies from AIDS at 44

  • 2018-01-15 Mathilde Krim, American medical researcher and founding chairman of amfAR (Foundation for AIDS Research), dies at 91
  • 2019-09-21 Shuping Wang, Chinese doctor who exposed China's HIV crisis, dies at 59
  • 2020-05-27 Larry Kramer, American playwright and AIDS activist, dies at 84