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  • 1968-11-22 Darryl Hardy, NFL linebacker (Dallas Cowboys)
  • 1968-11-26 Steve Lofton, American NFL cornerback (Carolina Panthers, NE Patriots), born in Jacksonville, Texas
  • 1968-12-05 Rhett Hall, American NFL defensive tackle (Philadelphia Eagles), born in Morgan Hill, California
  • 1968-12-07 Keith Goganious, American NFL linebacker (Jacksonville Jaguars), born in Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • 1968-12-07 Ricky Ervins, American NFL running back (SF 49ers), born in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • 1968-12-07 Tom Myslinski, American NFL guard (Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers), born in Rome, New York
  • 1968-12-08 Bill Johnson, American football defensive tackle (St Louis Rams), born in Minnesota
  • 1968-12-09 Bill Johnson, NFL defensive linebacker (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1968-12-10 Rob Davis, American NFL guard (Green Bay Packers-Super Bowl 31), born in Washington, D.C.
  • 1968-12-12 Chris Walsh, American NFL wide receiver (Minnesota Vikings; sues NFL over head injuries 2011), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1968-12-12 Ray Ethridge, American football wide receiver (Baltimore Ravens), born in San Diego, California
  • 1968-12-16 Darryll Lewis, NFL cornerback (Houston/Tennessee Oilers)
  • 1968-12-18 Aaron Craver, NFL running back (Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers)
  • 1968-12-21 Anthony Lynn, NFL running back (Denver Broncos-Super Bowl 32), born in McKinney, Texas
  • 1968-12-25 Corey Widmer, NFL linebacker (NY Giants), born in Alexandria, Virginia
  • 1968-12-28 Darrick Brownlow, US NFL linebacker (Washington Redskins), born in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 1969-01-05 David Dixon, NFL guard (Minnesota Vikings), born in Papakura, New Zealand
  • 1969-01-05 Kurt Barber, American NFL defensive end (NY Jets), born in Paducah, Kentucky
  • 1969-01-07 Erric Pegram, American NFL running back (Pit Steelers, NY Giants, San Diego Chargers), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1969-01-07 Todd Kinchen, American NFL wide receiver (St Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1969-01-11 Darren Anderson, NFL cornerback (KC Chiefs)
  • 1969-01-13 Robert Wilson, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1969-01-15 Leonard Wheeler, American NFL safety (Cin Bengals, Minnesota Vikings), born in Toccoa, Georgia
  • 1969-01-15 Siupeli Malamala, Tongan NFL offensive lineman (NY Jets), born in Tonga
  • 1969-01-18 Larry Webster, American football defensive tackle (Baltimore Ravens), born in Elkton, Maryland
  • 1969-01-18 Marvin Pope, American CFL defensive end (Calgary Stampeders), born in Gainesville, Florida
  • 1969-01-19 Junior Seau, American NFL inside linebacker (San Diego Chargers), born in Oceanside, California (d. 2012)
  • 1969-01-21 Ashley Sheppard, NFL linebacker (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • 1969-01-22 Vinnie Clark, American NFL cornerback (Jacksonville Jaguars), born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1969-01-23 Eric Carter, American CFL cornerback (CFL All Star 1995, 98, 2001, 02; Hamilton Tiger-Cats, BC Lions, Winnipeg Blue Bombers), born in Jesup, Georgia
  • 1969-01-25 Nolan Harrison, American football defensive lineman (Oakland Raiders, Pitt Steelers), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1969-01-29 Robert Young, American football player (St Louis Rams), born in Jackson, Mississippi
  • 1969-02-03 Casey Weldon, American NFL quarterback (Tampa Bay Bucs), born in Americus, Georgia
  • 1969-02-06 James Jones, American NFL defensive tackle (Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens), born in Miami, Florida
  • 1969-02-07 Bucky Richardson, US football quarterback (Houston Oilers)
  • 1969-02-09 Jeff Pahukoa, NFL guard/tackle (Atlanta Falcons)
  • 1969-02-09 Jimmy Smith, NFL wide receiver (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • 1969-02-09 Todd Lyght, US football quarterback (St Louis Rams)
  • 1969-02-14 Jeff Graham, American NFL wide receiver (Chicago Bears, NY Jets), born in Dayton, Ohio
  • 1969-02-14 Roy Barker, American NFL defensive end (Minnesota Vikings, SF 49ers), born in NYC, New York
  • 1969-02-15 Edgar Bennett, NFL running back (Green Bay Packers-Super Bowl 31), born in Jacksonville, Florida
  • 1969-02-17 David Klingler, NFL quarterback (Oakland Raiders, Cin Bengals)
  • 1969-02-17 Levon Kirkland, NFL linebacker (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1969-02-17 Robert Massey, American NFL cornerback (NY Giants), born in Rock Hill, South Carolina
  • 1969-02-22 Shawn Jefferson, American NFL wide receiver (San Diego Chargers, NE Patriots), born in Jacksonville, Florida
  • 1969-02-23 Ed McDaniel, NFL linebacker (Minnesota Vikings), born in Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina
  • 1969-03-03 Ronald Humphrey, NFL running back (Indianapolis Colts)
  • 1969-03-04 Kenneth Benson, CFL linebacker (Toronto Argonauts)
  • 1969-03-07 Anthony Davis, NFL linebacker (KC Chiefs)
  • 1969-03-07 Matt Blundin, NFL quarterback (KC Chiefs, Detroit Lions)
  • 1969-03-07 Sam Gash, NFL running back (New England Patriots)
  • 1969-03-12 Muhammad Oliver, NFL cornerback/safety (Washington Redskins)
  • 1969-03-13 Chris Zorich, American NFL defensive tackle (Chicago Bears), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1969-03-14 Greg Biekert, NFL linebacker (Oakland Raiders)
  • 1969-03-16 Steve Israel, NFL cornerback (SF 49ers, New England Patriots)
  • 1969-03-22 Darrell Russell, defensive tackle (Oakland Raiders)
  • 1969-03-22 Russell Maryland, NFL defensive tackle (Dallas Cowboys, Oak Raiders)
  • 1969-03-27 Tom Beer, American NFL running back (Detroit Lions), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1969-03-28 Scottie Graham, NFL running back (Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals), born in Long Beach, New York
  • 1969-03-29 Jimmy Spencer, NFL cornerback (New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals)
  • 1969-04-03 Rodney Hampton, American football player, NFL running back (NY Giants), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1969-04-06 Andy Harmon, NFL defensive tackle (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 1969-04-07 Jeremy Lincoln, NFL cornerback (Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks)
  • 1969-04-07 Ricky Watters, NFL running back (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 1969-04-08 Steve Jackson, NFL cornerback (Houston/Tennessee Oilers)
  • 1969-04-12 Michael Jackson, American NFL wide receiver (NFL receiving TD leader 1996; Baltimore Ravens), born in Tangipahoa, Louisiana (d. 2017)
  • 1969-04-14 Tim Roberts, American NFL defensive end (NE Patriots), born in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1969-04-15 Michael Jones, American NFL linebacker (Oakland Raiders, St Louis Rams), born in Kansas City, Missouri
  • 1969-04-15 Phillippi Sparks, American NFL cornerback (NY Giants), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • 1969-04-21 Dwight Hollier, NFL linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1969-04-22 Bobby Olive, NFL wide receiver (Indianapolis Colts)
  • 1969-04-27 Tyrone Rodgers, American football defensive linebacker (Winnipeg Blue Bombers), born in Longview, Texas
  • 1969-04-29 Arthur Marshall, NFL wide receiver (NY Giants)
  • 1969-05-02 Glen Young, American NFL linebacker (San Diego Chargers), born in Scarborough, Ontario
  • 1969-05-06 Mark Thomas, NFL defensive end (Carolina Panthers, Packers, Bears)
  • 1969-05-08 Brad Culpepper, NFL defensive tackle (Tampa Bay Bucs)
  • 1969-05-08 Swift Burch, CFL defensive end (Montreal Alouettes)

Person of interestEmmitt Smith

1969-05-15 Emmitt Smith, American NFL Running Back (Dallas Cowboys, 3-time NFL rushing leader), born in Pensacola, Florida

American Football Player Emmitt Smith
American Football Player
Emmitt Smith
  • 1969-05-17 Aaron Ruffin, CFL defensive back (Hamilton Tiger Cats)
  • 1969-05-17 Craig Erickson, NFL quarterback (Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins)
  • 1969-06-06 Mike Croel, NFL linebacker (NY Giants)
  • 1969-06-08 Glenn Rogers Jr, CFL defensive back (Edmonton Eskimos)
  • 1969-06-09 Keith Alex, NFL guard (Minnesota Vikings)
  • 1969-06-10 Tony McCoy, NFL defensive tackle (Indianapolis Colts)
  • 1969-06-13 Robert Harris, American former NFL defensive end (NY Giants), born in Riviera Beach, Florida
  • 1969-06-14 Eugene Chung, American NFL guard (Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts), born in Prince George's County, Maryland
  • 1969-06-18 Jay Leeuwenburg, American NFL guard/center (Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts), born in St. Louis, Missouri
  • 1969-06-20 Gerald Dixon, NFL linebacker (Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals), born in Rock Hill, South Carolina
  • 1969-06-22 Derek Russell, NFL wide receiver (Houston/Tennessee Oilers)
  • 1969-06-23 Elbert Ellis, NFL wide receiver (Carolina Panthers, GB Packers)
  • 1969-07-01 Gary Brown, American NFL running back and coach (Houston Oilers), born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania
  • 1969-07-09 Jerry Drake, NFL defensive linesman (Arizona Cardinals)
  • 1969-07-15 Johnny Scott, CFL defensive tackle (BC Lions)
  • 1969-07-26 Marc Boutte, American NFL defensive tackle (Washington Redskins), born in Lake Charles, Louisiana
  • 1969-07-30 Robert Porcher, NFL defensive end (Detroit Lions)
  • 1969-08-08 Jerome Henderson, American NFL cornerback (NY Jets) and coach/executive (NY Jets), born in Statesville, North Carolina
  • 1969-08-12 Lincoln Coleman, NFL running back (Atlanta Falcons)
  • 1969-08-15 Eric Bieniemy, NFL running back (Cin Bengals)
  • 1969-08-15 Yancey Thigpen, NFL wide receiver (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1969-08-25 Mike Jones, NFL defensive end (NE Patriots)

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