Miami Dolphins in History

Events in Sport

  • 1965-08-16 AFL awards its 1st expansion franchise (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1972-01-02 AFC Championship Game: Miami Dolphins beat Baltimore Colts 21-0
  • 1972-12-16 Miami Dolphins become 1st undefeated NFL team (14-0-0)
  • 1972-12-31 AFC Championship Game: Miami Dolphins beat Pittsburgh Steelers 21-7
  • 1973-01-14 Super Bowl VII: Miami Dolphins beat Wash Red Skins, 14-7 in LA, MVP: Jake Scott, Miami, S
  • 1973-12-30 AFC Championship Game: Miami Dolphins beat Oakland Raiders 27-10
  • 1974-01-13 Super Bowl VIII: Miami Dolphins beat Minnesota Vikings, 24-7 in Houston Super Bowl MVP: Larry Csonka, Miami, RB
  • 1982-01-02 "The Epic in Miami", in 85 degree heat (Fahrenheit), the San Diego Chargers defeat the Miami Dolphins 41-38 in overtime in the AFC Divisional Playoff Game, a game that set numerous playoff scoring records
  • 1983-01-23 "Mud Bowl", Miami Dolphins beat the New York Jets 14-0 in the AFC Championship Game on a wet, muddy field, which negated the Jets significant speed and skill advantage
  • 1983-01-23 AFC Championship Game: Miami Dolphins beat New York Jets 14-0
  • 1983-01-30 Super Bowl XVII: Wash Red Skins beat Miami Dolphins, 27-17 in Pasadena Super Bowl MVP: John Riggins, Washington, RB
  • 1985-01-06 AFC Championship Game: Miami Dolphins beat Pittsburgh Steelers 45-28

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1985-01-20 Super Bowl XIX: SF 49ers beat Miami Dolphins, 38-16 in Stanford Super Bowl MVP: Joe Montana, San Francisco, QB

NFL Quarterback Joe Montana
NFL Quarterback
Joe Montana

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1985-12-02 Chicago Bears' head coach Mike Ditka and defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan come to blows on the sideline in a loss to the Miami Dolphins, Chicago's only loss of the season

NFL Head Coach Mike Ditka
NFL Head Coach
Mike Ditka
  • 1986-01-12 AFC Championship Game: New England Patriots beat Miami Dolphins 31-14
  • 1986-09-21 NY Jets beat Miami Dolphins 51-45 in OT; record 884 passing yards
  • 1988-07-31 Miami Dolphins beat SF 49ers 27-21 in London

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1991-09-22 Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula records his 300th career NFL victory

NFL Head Coach Don Shula
NFL Head Coach
Don Shula

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1996-01-10 Jimmy Johnson announced as new coach of Miami Dolphins

NFL Head Coach Jimmy Johnson
NFL Head Coach
Jimmy Johnson

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2000-09-17 Dan Marino's #13 jersey is retired by the Miami Dolphins

Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback Dan Marino
Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback
Dan Marino
  • 2000-10-23 "Monday Night Miracle", down 30-7 at the end of the third quarter, New York Jets pull together an improbable comeback with 4 touchdowns and a field goal in the fourth quarter, eventually defeating the Miami Dolphins 40-37 in overtime
  • 2008-04-26 2008 NFL Draft: Jake Long from University of Michigan first pick by Miami Dolphins

Birthdays in Sport

Person of interestDon Shula

1930-01-04 Don Shula, American NFL coach (Miami Dolphins), born in Grand River Ohio

NFL Head Coach Don Shula
NFL Head Coach
Don Shula
  • 1938-12-29 Wayne Huizenga, American businessman, CEO (Waste Management, Blockbuster), and sports team owner (Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers, Florida Marlins), born in Evergreen Park, Illinois (d. 2018)
  • 1940-12-15 Nick Buoniconti, NFL linebacker (Miami Dolphins)/sportscaster (NBC)

Person of interestJimmy Johnson

1943-07-16 Jimmy Johnson, American NFL coach (Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins), born in Port Arthur, Texas

NFL Head Coach Jimmy Johnson
NFL Head Coach
Jimmy Johnson
  • 1944-06-02 Garo Yepremian, American NFL place kicker (Miami Dolphins), born in Larnaca, Cyprus (d. 2015)
  • 1945-02-03 Bob Griese, NFL quarterback (Miami Dolphins, 1971 Player of Year)
  • 1946-12-25 Larry Csonka, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins, NY Giants)
  • 1961-08-22 John Kidd, American NFL punter (Miami Dolphins), born in Springfield, Illinois

Person of interestDan Marino

1961-09-15 Dan Marino, NFL quarterback (Miami Dolphins), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback Dan Marino
Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback
Dan Marino
  • 1962-05-01 Gary Clark, NFL wide receiver (2-time Super Bowl champion with Washington Redskins), born in Radford, Virginia
  • 1962-08-25 Ron Heller, American football coach and former NFL tackle (Miami Dolphins), born in East Meadow, New York
  • 1962-08-30 Ricky Sanders, NFL wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1962-09-28 Irving Fryar, NFL wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1963-02-25 Tom McHale, NFL tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1963-10-14 Keith Byars, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots)
  • 1963-11-25 Bernie Kosar, NFL quarterback (Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns)
  • 1964-11-22 Gene Atkins, NFL safety (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1965-01-03 Daniel Stubbs, NFL defensive end (Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins)
  • 1965-07-12 Michael Stewart, NFL safety (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1965-10-05 Trace Armstrong, NFL defensive end (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1965-10-10 Brett Perriman, NFL wide receiver (Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins)
  • 1965-11-02 Chuck Klingbeil, American football NFL nose tackle (Miami Dolphins), born in Houghton, Michigan
  • 1966-01-19 Ronnie Williams, NFL tight end (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1966-01-20 Bert Weidner, NFL guard (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1966-03-09 Louis Oliver, NFL safety (Miami Dolphins), born in Belle Glade, Florida
  • 1966-03-25 Jeff Cross, NFL defensive end (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1966-10-09 Mike Williams, NFL wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1967-01-05 J B Brown, NFL cornerback (Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1967-01-11 Richmond Webb, NFL tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1967-02-20 Chris Singleton, NFL linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1967-04-28 Pete Stoyanovich, NFL kicker (Miami Dolphins, KC Chiefs)
  • 1967-06-17 Keith Sims, NFL guard (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1967-06-22 Eric Green, NFL tight end (Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens)
  • 1967-09-16 Bernie Parmalee, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1967-10-10 Frank Wainright, tight end (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1967-12-18 Dan McGwire, NFL quarterback (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1968-02-17 Bryan Cox, American NFL linebacker and coach (Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears), born in East St. Louis, Illinois
  • 1968-10-08 Frankie Smith, NFL cornerback (Miami Dolphins, SF 49ers)
  • 1969-01-13 Robert Wilson, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1969-04-21 Dwight Hollier, NFL linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1969-05-17 Craig Erickson, NFL quarterback (Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins)
  • 1969-09-21 Randal Hill, NFL wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1969-09-24 Andrew Greene, NFL guard (Miami Dolphins, Saskatchewan Roughriders)
  • 1969-10-09 Charles Jordan, wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1969-10-25 Corey Harris, NFL cornerback (Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins)
  • 1969-12-02 O J McDuffie, NFL wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1969-12-18 Marco Coleman, NFL defensive end (Miami Dolphins, San Diego Chargers)
  • 1970-01-20 Terry Kirby, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins, SF 49ers)
  • 1970-02-12 Lamar Thomas, NFL wide receiver (Tampa Bay Bucs, Miami Dolphins), born in Ocala, Florida
  • 1970-04-05 Tim Jacobs, NFL running back (Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins)
  • 1970-04-16 Steve Emtman, NFL defensive tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1970-06-08 Troy Vincent, NFL cornerback (Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 1970-06-19 Chris Gray, NFL guard (Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears)
  • 1970-06-29 Troy Drayton, tight end (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1970-07-30 Ed Hawthorne, NFL defensive tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1970-08-05 Everett McIver, NFL guard (NY Jets, Miami Dolphins)
  • 1970-10-28 Bracey Walker, NFL safety (Cin Bengals, Miami Dolphins)
  • 1970-11-08 Qadry Ismail, NFL wide receiver (Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins)
  • 1970-11-30 James Brown, tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1970-12-21 Irving Spikes, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1971-02-11 John Bock, NFL center (NY Jets, Miami Dolphins), born in Crystal Lake, Illinois
  • 1971-02-18 George Teague, NFL safety (Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers)
  • 1971-05-01 Ethan Albright, NFL long snapper (Pro Bowl 2007), born in Greensboro, North Carolina
  • 1971-06-07 Terrell Buckley, NFL cornerback (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1971-06-10 DeWayne Dotson, NFL linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1971-06-11 Dion Foxx, NFL linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1971-07-08 Jeff Kopp, NFL linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1971-08-14 Sean Hill, NFL cornerback (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1971-08-30 Aubrey Beavers, NFL/WLAF linebacker (Miami Dolphins, Rhein Fire)
  • 1971-10-14 Derrick Rodgers, linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1972-03-27 Kirby Dar Dar, American NFL wide receiver (Miami Dolphins), born in Morgan City, Louisiana
  • 1972-04-27 Tim Ruddy, American football offensive lineman (Miami Dolphins), born in Dunmore, Pennsylvania
  • 1972-06-10 Pat Johnson, NFL safety (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1972-06-21 Billy Milner, NFL tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1972-06-26 Jerris McPhail, running back (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1972-08-02 Lee McClinton, NFL running back (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1972-09-04 Norman Hand, NFL defensive tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1972-10-28 Calvin Jackson, NFL cornerback (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1972-12-28 Jim Kitts, US NFL running back (Frankfurt Galaxy, Miami Dolphins), born in Portsmouth, Virginia
  • 1973-01-25 Anthony Harris, linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1973-02-07 Tim Bowens, NFL defensive tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1973-02-25 Daryl Gardener, defensive end (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1973-06-06 Olindo Mare, kicker (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1973-10-23 Shawn Wooden, free safety (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1973-11-21 Brent Smith, tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1973-11-25 Yatil Green, wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1973-12-12 Stanley Pritchett, running back (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1974-01-18 Shane Burton, defensive tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1974-02-11 Ronnie Ward, NFL linebacker (Miami Dolphins), born in St. Louis, Missouri
  • 1974-04-23 Sam Madison, cornerback (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1974-06-28 Karim Abdul-Jabaar, running back (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1974-08-07 Jeff Buckey, tackle (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1974-10-29 Mike Crawford, linebacker (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1975-04-22 Brian Manning, wide receiver (Miami Dolphins)
  • 1986-08-24 Arian Foster, American football running back (Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins), born in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Weddings in Sport

HeartWedding of Interest

1999-07-18 Miami Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson (56) weds longtime girlfriend Rhonda Rookmaaker (45) in the Florida Keys

NFL Head Coach Jimmy Johnson
NFL Head Coach
Jimmy Johnson

Deaths in Sport

  • 1990-01-07 Joseph Robbie, lawyer/NFL owner (Miami Dolphins), dies at 73
  • 2015-05-15 Garo Yepremian, American NFL place kicker (Miami Dolphins), dies at 70
  • 2018-03-22 Wayne Huizenga, American businessman, CEO (Waste Management, Blockbuster), and sports team owner (Miami Dolphins, Florida Panthers, Florida Marlins), dies of cancer at 80