New York Jets in History

Events in Sport

  • 1963-03-28 AFL's NY Titan's become the NY Jets
  • 1963-12-01 NY Jets 1st shutout, beat KC 17-0
  • 1965-01-02 NY Jets sign quarterback Joe Namath
  • 1968-12-29 NY Jets beat Oakland Raiders 27-23 in AFL championship game
  • 1968-12-31 NY Jets win AFL championship
  • 1969-01-12 Super Bowl III: NY Jets beat Balt Colts, 16-7 in Miami Super Bowl MVP: Joe Namath, NY Jets, QB
  • 1969-08-01 36th NFL Chicago All-Star Game: NY Jets 26, All-Stars 24 (74,208)
  • 1969-08-17 NY Jets beat NY Giants 37-14 in their 1st meeting (pre season)
  • 1969-09-29 Steve O'Neal of NY Jets, kicks longest NFL punt; 98 yards vs Denver
  • 1973-09-10 NY Jets trade pro footballs leading receiver Don Maynard to St Louis
  • 1980-09-21 Richard Todd of NY Jets completes 42 passes in a game (NFL record)
  • 1980-12-14 New Orleans Saints end 14 game losing streak, beat NY Jets 21-20
  • 1980-12-20 NBC broadcasts NY Jets' 24-17 win over Dolphins without audio
  • 1983-01-23 "Mud Bowl", Miami Dolphins beat the New York Jets 14-0 in the AFC Championship Game on a wet, muddy field, which negated the Jets significant speed and skill advantage
  • 1983-01-23 AFC Championship Game: Miami Dolphins beat New York Jets 14-0
  • 1983-10-06 NY Jets announce they are leaving Shea for Meadowlands
  • 1983-12-10 Last NFL game at Shea Stadium; Steelers beat NY Jets 34-7
  • 1985-11-17 NY Jets best offensive production beating Tampa Bay 62-28

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1986-09-21 Miami Dan Marino passes for 6 touchdowns vs NY Jets (51-45)

Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback Dan Marino
Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback
Dan Marino
  • 1986-09-21 NY Jets beat Miami Dolphins 51-45 in OT; record 884 passing yards
  • 1987-11-01 NY Jets retire Don Maynards #13
  • 1988-10-30 NY Jets finally beat Pittsburgh Steelers for 1st time
  • 1989-10-09 1st NFL game coached by an African American (Art Shell), his LA Raiders beat NY Jets 14-7 on Monday Night Football
  • 1992-11-04 NY Jets announce they are moving from WABC to WFAN radio
  • 1994-07-18 NY Jets sign USA soccer goalkeeper Tony Miola as a place kicker
  • 1995-10-15 Carolina Panthers win 1st game ever beating NY Jets 26-15
  • 1996-04-20 1996 NFL Draft: Keyshawn Johnson from USC first pick by New York Jets

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1997-02-11 Bill Parcells becomes head coach of NY Jets

NFL Coaching Legend Bill Parcells
NFL Coaching Legend
Bill Parcells
  • 1999-01-17 AFC Championship Game: Denver Broncos beat New York Jets 23-10

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2000-01-04 A day after accepting the head coaching position of the New York Jets, Bill Belichick resigns

NFL Coach Bill Belichick
NFL Coach
Bill Belichick
  • 2000-10-23 "Monday Night Miracle", down 30-7 at the end of the third quarter, New York Jets pull together an improbable comeback with 4 touchdowns and a field goal in the fourth quarter, eventually defeating the Miami Dolphins 40-37 in overtime
  • 2010-01-24 AFC Championship Game: Indianapolis Colts beat New York Jets 30-17
  • 2011-01-23 AFC Championship Game: Pittsburgh Steelers beat New York Jets 24-19

Birthdays in Sport

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 104

  • 1907-03-17 Sonny Werblin, former owner of the New York Jets (d. 1991)
  • 1907-05-06 Weeb Ewbank, NFL coach (Baltimore Colts, NY Jets)
  • 1937-01-25 Don Maynard, NFL receiver (NY Jets), #13
  • 1941-08-18 Matt Snell, NFL running back (NY Jets, Super Bowl III)

Person of interestBill Parcells

1941-08-22 Bill Parcells, NFL coach (NY Giants, NY Jets, NE Patriots), born in Englewood, New Jersey

NFL Coaching Legend Bill Parcells
NFL Coaching Legend
Bill Parcells
  • 1943-05-31 Joe Namath, PA, NFL quarterback (NY Jets), $400,000 man (1969 Superbowl)
  • 1943-11-10 George Sauer, Jr., AFL player (New York Jets), born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin (d. 2013)
  • 1945-08-07 Alan Young, American supreme court justice (1993-2015) and former NFL defensive end (NY Jets), born in Canton, Ohio
  • 1949-08-04 John Riggins, NFL running back (NY Jets, Wash Redskins)
  • 1956-05-27 Nick Lowery, NFL kicker (NY Jets)
  • 1956-11-20 Mark Gastineau, NFL end (NY Jets, Pro Bowl 1981-85)
  • 1960-10-20 Brian Hansen, American NFL punter (NY Jets), born in Hawarden, Iowa
  • 1960-11-27 Ken O'Brien, American football quarterback (NY Jets), born in Rockville Centre, New York
  • 1961-04-17 Boomer Esiason, West Islip, New York, American NFL quarterback (NY Jets, Cincinnati Bengals)
  • 1961-10-22 Leonard Marshall, NFL defensive end (NY Giants, NY Jets)
  • 1962-04-18 Wilber Marshall, NFL linebacker (NY Jets)
  • 1962-08-05 William Roberts, NFL guard (NY Jets, NE Patriots)
  • 1962-08-15 Bubby Brister, NFL quarterback (NY Jets, Denver Broncos-Super Bowl 32)
  • 1962-08-23 Kyle Clifton, NFL linebacker (NY Jets)
  • 1963-07-18 Lonnie Young, NFL safety/cornerback (NY Jets)
  • 1963-10-26 Tony Casillas, American NFL defensive tackle (NY Jets, Dallas Cowboys), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1963-11-13 Vinny Testaverde, NFL quarterback (Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, NY Jets), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1964-03-14 Donald Evans, NFL defensive end/tackle (NY Jets)
  • 1964-07-28 Dave Alexander, NFL center (NY Jets)
  • 1964-11-12 Erik Howard, NFL defensive tackle/end (NY Jets)
  • 1965-04-01 John "Jumbo" Elliott, NFL tackle (NY Giants, NY Jets)
  • 1965-10-22 Marvin Washington, NFL defensive end (NY Jets, SF 49ers)
  • 1965-10-22 Otis Smith, NFL cornerback (NY Jets)
  • 1965-11-19 Erik Wilhelm, NFL quarterback (NY Jets)
  • 1966-01-13 Marcus Turner, NFL cornerback/safety (NY Jets)
  • 1966-01-14 Matt Brock, NFL defensive end/tackle (NY Jets)
  • 1966-01-22 Carlton Haselrig, NFL guard (NY Jets)
  • 1966-06-21 David Williams, NFL tackle (Houston Oilers, NY Jets)
  • 1967-02-10 Dwayne "Road Grader" White, NFLer (NY Jets, St Louis), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1967-05-05 Brad Baxter, NFL fullback (NY Jets)
  • 1967-07-16 Roger Duffy, NFL guard/center (NY Jets)
  • 1967-10-26 Bobby Houston, NFL linebacker (NY Jets)
  • 1967-11-30 Gary Jones, NFL safety (NY Jets)
  • 1968-01-29 John Hudson, NFL center/guard (NY Jets, Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 1968-04-29 Browning Nagle, NFL quarterback (NY Jets, Atlanta Falcons)
  • 1968-05-18 Ernie Logan, NFL defensive end (Jacksonville Jaguars, NY Jets)
  • 1968-09-27 Rob Moore, NFL wide receiver (NY Jets, Arizona Cardinals)
  • 1968-12-25 Don Silvestri, NFL/WLAF kicker (NY Jets, London Monarchs)
  • 1969-01-05 Kurt Barber, NFL defensive end (NY Jets)
  • 1969-01-15 Siupeli Malamala, NFL guard/tackle (NY Jets)
  • 1969-01-21 Matt Willig, NFL tackle/guard (Atlanta Falcons, NY Jets)
  • 1969-02-14 Jeff Graham, NFL wide receiver (Chicago Bears, NY Jets)
  • 1969-08-08 Jerome Henderson, NFL cornerback (NY Jets, Philadelphia Eagles)
  • 1969-10-11 Cal Dixon, NFL center/guard (NY Jets)
  • 1969-10-21 Mo Lewis, NFL linebacker (NY Jets)
  • 1969-11-02 Dwayne Gordon, American football NFL linebacker (San Diego Chargers, NY Jets), born in White Plains, New York
  • 1969-11-11 Jeff Sydner, NFL wide receiver/punt returner (NY Jets)
  • 1969-11-28 Marc Spindler, NFL defensive tackle/end (NY Jets, Detroit Lions)
  • 1969-12-08 Victor Green, NFL cornerback/safety (NY Jets)
  • 1970-01-03 James Brown, NFL tackle (NY Jets)
  • 1970-01-20 Ron Carpenter, NFL/WLAF safety (NY Jets, Amsterdam Admirals)
  • 1970-01-26 Ronald Moore, NFL running back (NY Jets, St Louis Rams, Az Cardinals)
  • 1970-03-27 Anthony Prior, American NFL cornerback (NY Jets, Minnesota Vikings), born in Lowell, Massachusetts
  • 1970-04-25 Corwin Brown, NFL safety (NY Jets, NE Patriots)
  • 1970-08-05 Everett McIver, NFL guard (NY Jets, Miami Dolphins)
  • 1970-10-10 Glenn Foley, NFL quarterback (NY Jets)
  • 1970-10-15 Lonnie Palelei, guard (NY Jets)
  • 1970-10-16 Adrian Murrell, NFL running back/kick returner (NY Jets)
  • 1970-12-27 Lorenzo Neal, NFL fullback (New Orleans Saints, NY Jets)
  • 1971-01-07 Bobby Hamilton, NFL/WLAF defensive end (Amsterdam Admirals, NY Jets)
  • 1971-01-20 Johnny Mitchell, NFL tight end (NY Jets)
  • 1971-02-11 John Bock, NFL center (NY Jets, Miami Dolphins), born in Crystal Lake, Illinois
  • 1971-02-26 Rick Lyle, defensive end/defensive tackle (NY Jets)
  • 1971-03-09 Lou Benfatti, American football player, NFL defensive tackle (NY Jets), born in Green Pond, New Jersey
  • 1971-04-26 Ryan Yarborough, NFL wide receiver (Baltimore Ravens, NY Jets)
  • 1971-05-10 Ronnie Dixon, NFL defensive tackle (Philadelphia Eagles, NY Jets)
  • 1971-06-14 Fred Baxter, NFL tight end (NY Jets)
  • 1971-08-09 Alan Allen, NFL/WLAF wide receiver (NY Jets, London Monarchs)
  • 1971-08-23 Hugh Douglas, NFL defensive end (NY Jets)
  • 1971-09-13 Richie Anderson, American NFL running back (NY Jets), born in Olney, Maryland
  • 1971-12-04 Terrence Wisdom, NFL/WLAF guard/center (NY Jets, London Monarchs)
  • 1972-01-09 Eddie Mason, NFL linebacker (NY Jets)
  • 1972-01-14 Kyle Brady, NFL tight end (NY Jets)
  • 1972-01-27 Chad Askew, NFL wide receiver (NY Jets)
  • 1972-03-11 Carl Greenwood, NFL cornerback (NY Jets)
  • 1972-05-07 Chris Hayes, safety (NY Jets)
  • 1972-05-14 Chad Cascadden, NFL linebacker (NY Jets)
  • 1972-06-28 Marvin Jones, American NFL linebacker (NY Jets), born in Miami, Florida
  • 1972-06-30 Tyrone Davis, NFL tight end (NY Jets, Green Bay Packers-Super Bowl 31)
  • 1972-07-16 Aaron Glenn, NFL cornerback/kick returner (NY Jets)
  • 1972-08-11 Curtis Ceaser, NFL wide receiver (NY Jets)
  • 1972-09-01 Matt O'Dwyer, American NFL guard (NY Jets), born in Lincolnshire, Illinois
  • 1972-09-20 Vance Joseph, NFL cornerback/safety (NY Jets)
  • 1973-01-04 Ray Mickens, cornerback (NY Jets)
  • 1973-04-28 Melvin Hayes, NFL tackle (NY Jets, Tennessee Oilers)
  • 1973-05-01 Curtis Martin, Pro Football Hall of Fame running back (5 x Pro Bowls, NE Patriots, NY Jets), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 1973-08-09 Jay Hagood, tackle (NY Jets)
  • 1973-08-10 Sherriden May, NFL fullback (NY Jets)
  • 1973-08-14 Wayne Chrebet, NFL wide receiver (NY Jets)
  • 1974-01-21 Jerald Sowell, fullback (NY Jets)
  • 1974-02-02 J R Conrad, offensive tackle/guard (NY Jets)
  • 1974-03-16 Lamont Burns, American NFL guard (NY Jets), born in Greensboro, North Carolina
  • 1974-03-17 John Hall, kicker (NY Jets)
  • 1974-04-05 Rick Terry, NFL defensive tackle (NY Jets)
  • 1974-05-24 Marcus Coleman, free safety (NY Jets)

Weddings in Sport

  • 1986-11-28 NBC's Ahmad Rashad marriage proposal is accepted by Phylicia Ayers-Allen during halftime of Det Lions-NY Jets football game

Deaths in Sport

  • 1967-12-03 Harry Wismer, American original owner of the New York Jets (b. 1913)
  • 1968-07-23 Don Lillis, NFL president (NY Jets)
  • 1991-11-21 David "Sonny" Werblin, AFL owner (NY Jets), dies at 81
  • 1997-01-16 Jim Kensil, NFL president (NY Jets), dies of heart failure at 66