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  • 1900-03-16 AL meets in Chicago, Ban Johnson announces AL league will be Chicago White Stockings, Washington Senators, Milwaukee Brewers, Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Blues, Boston Americans, Philadelphia Athletics and Baltimore Orioles
  • 1900-11-13 Baltimore Orioles (now NY Yankees) enter baseball's American League
  • 1902-07-08 John McGraw, accused by Ban Johnson of trying to wreck Baltimore & Washington clubs, negotiates his release from the Orioles
  • 1902-07-17 Orioles forfeit to St Louis having only 5 players available to play they then forfeit their franchise back to the AL

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1914-07-07 Balt Orioles' (IL) owner Jack Dunn offers Babe Ruth, Ernie Shore & Ben Egan for $10,000 to Connie Mack, who refuses, pleading poverty

Baseball Legend Connie Mack
Baseball Legend
Connie Mack

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1914-07-10 Boston Red Sox purchase Babe Ruth from Baltimore Orioles

Baseball Legend Babe Ruth
Baseball Legend
Babe Ruth
  • 1923-10-23 Giants defeat Balt Orioles 9-0 to benefit former Giants owner John Day
  • 1950-04-20 Balt's Memorial Stadium opens - Orioles of International League
  • 1953-09-16 AL approves St Louis Browns move to become Baltimore Orioles
  • 1953-11-11 Jimmy Dykes succeeds Marty Marion as Baltimore Orioles manager
  • 1953-12-22 Jack Dunn III, owner of Balt Orioles in Intl League, turns name over to newly relocated St Louis Browns
  • 1954-04-13 Balt Orioles 1st game, loses to Tigers in Detroit 3-0
  • 1954-04-15 Orioles 1st game in Baltimore beat White Sox 3-1
  • 1954-07-30 Bob Kennedy hits the 1st grand slam for the new Baltimore Orioles
  • 1954-11-18 Yanks trade Woodling, Byrd, McDonald, Triandos, Miranada & Smith to Orioles for Turley, Larsen & Hunter as part of an 18 player deal
  • 1954-12-01 Yanks send Miller, Segrist, Leppert & 2 minors to Orioles for Blayzka, Kryhoski, Johnson, Fridley & Del Guercio (completing 18 player deal)
  • 1955-04-03 Baltimore Orioles pull their 1st triple play (3-6-2 vs KC Athletics)
  • 1956-06-27 Indians trailing Orioles 9-1 come back to win 12-11 in 11 innings
  • 1956-09-02 Orioles trailing Red Sox 8-0 come back to win 11-10 in 9 innings
  • 1959-04-09 Balt Orioles pull their 2nd triple play (3-6-3 vs Washington Senators)
  • 1960-03-26 Orioles-Reds series planned for Havana is moved to Miami
  • 1960-07-15 Balt Orioles' Brooks Robinson goes 5 for 5 including the cycle
  • 1962-05-05 LA Angel Bo Belinsky no-hits Balt Orioles, 2-0
  • 1962-09-12 Wash Senator Tom Cheney strikes out record 21 Orioles in 16 inn game
  • 1965-08-18 Orioles' Brooks Robinson hits into his record tying (George Sisler)
  • 1965-12-09 Frank Robinson is traded from Cincinnati to the Orioles
  • 1966-07-12 All star MVP: Brooks Robinson (Balt Orioles)
  • 1966-08-26 Balt Orioles Roznovsky & B Powell are 4th to hit consecutive pinch HRs
  • 1966-09-22 Orioles beat A's 6-1 to clinch their 1st AL pennant
  • 1966-10-09 Balt Orioles sweep LA Dodgers, in 63rd World Series
  • 1967-04-30 Orioles' Stu Miller & Steve Barber lose 2-1 despite no-hitting Tigers
  • 1967-07-24 Race riots in Detroit force postponement of Tigers-Orioles game
  • 1968-04-17 A's 1st game in Oakland-Alameda Stadium, lose 4-1 to Balt Orioles
  • 1968-07-11 Earl Weaver replaces Hank Bauer as manager of Orioles
  • 1969-08-06 Balt Orioles pull their 3rd triple play (5-4-3 vs KC Royals)
  • 1969-09-13 Baltimore Orioles, win earliest AL Eastern division title
  • 1969-10-04 Baseball's 1st divisional playoff games, Mets beat Braves 9-5 & Orioles beat Twins 4-3 in 12 innings
  • 1969-10-06 MLB American League Championship: Baltimore Orioles beat Minnesota Twins, 3 games to 0
  • 1969-10-16 100-1 shot NY Mets beat Orioles 5-3 & win 66th World Series in 5
  • 1970-06-26 Frank Robinson hits 2 grand slams as Orioles beat Senators 12-2
  • 1970-08-02 Baltimore defeats KC 10-8, Orioles 23rd straight win over the Royals
  • 1970-10-05 MLB American League Championship: Baltimore Orioles beat Minnesota Twins, 3 games to 0
  • 1970-10-15 Baltimore Orioles beat Cincinnati Reds, 4 games to 1 in 67th World Series
  • 1971-07-13 All star MVP: Frank Robinson (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 1971-08-26 Orioles' Don Buford struck out 5 times in a game
  • 1971-10-05 MLB American League Championship: Baltimore Orioles beat Oakland Athletics, 3 games to 0
  • 1971-10-17 Pittsburgh Pirates beat Balt Orioles, 4 games to 3 in 68th World Series
  • 1971-11-02 Orioles Pat Dobson no-hits Yomiuri Giants, 2-0
  • 1973-07-07 Balt Orioles pull their 4th triple play (5-4-3 vs Oakland)
  • 1973-09-29 Balt Orioles pull their 5th triple play (5-4-3 vs Detroit)
  • 1973-10-11 MLB American League Championship: Oakland Athletics beat Baltimore Orioles, 3 games to 2

  • 1973-12-07 Orioles sell pitcher Eddie Watt to the Phillies
  • 1974-10-09 MLB American League Championship: Oakland Athletics beat Baltimore Orioles, 3 games to 1

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1975-06-01 California Angel Nolan Ryan 4th no-hitter beats Balt Orioles, 1-0

MLB Pitching Legend Nolan Ryan
MLB Pitching Legend
Nolan Ryan
  • 1975-11-04 Orioles Jim Palmer wins his 2nd Cy Young Award

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1976-04-02 A's trade prospective free agents Reggie Jackson & Ken Holtzman, to Orioles for Don Baylor, Mike Torrez & Paul Mitchell

MLB Right Fielder Reggie Jackson
MLB Right Fielder
Reggie Jackson
  • 1977-06-03 Balt Orioles pull their 6th triple play (9-6-4-6-6 vs KC Royals)
  • 1977-09-15 Orioles forfeit to Blue Jays when mgr Earl Weaver pulls team off field in 5th citing hazardous condition (small tarpaulin on bullpen mound)

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1977-11-21 Orioles 1st baseman Eddie Murray wins AL Rookie of Year

MLB First Baseman Eddie Murray
MLB First Baseman
Eddie Murray
  • 1978-04-09 Brewers sweep Orioles 11-3, 16-3, & 13-5 (each with a grand slam)
  • 1978-09-09 Balt Orioles pull their 7th triple play (5-4-3 vs Toronto)
  • 1979-04-19 Following a 6-3 loss to the Orioles, Yanks Goose Gossage & Cliff
  • 1979-05-07 Gary Roenicke hits into Orioles 13th triple play (Oakland)
  • 1979-06-10 Balt Orioles pull their 8th triple play (5-4-3 vs Cleve)
  • 1979-10-06 MLB American League Championship: Baltimore Orioles beat California Angels, 3 games to 1
  • 1979-10-17 Pittsburgh Pirates beat Balt Orioles, 4 games to 3 in 76th World Series
  • 1979-11-01 Edward Bennett Williams buys Orioles from Hoffberger for $12.3 million
  • 1980-07-31 Rangers snap Orioles pitcher Steve Stone's 14-game winning streak
  • 1981-06-11 Mariners beat Orioles 8-2 at Kingdome, then players go on strike

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1982-11-24 Orioles Cal Ripken is named AL Rookie of Year

MLB Legend Cal Ripken Jr
MLB Legend
Cal Ripken Jr
  • 1983-10-08 MLB American League Championship: Baltimore Orioles beat Chicago White Sox, 3 games to 1
  • 1983-10-16 Balt Orioles beat Philadelphia Phillies, 4 games to 3 in 80th World Series
  • 1985-06-14 Earl Weaver comes out of retirement to manage Balt Orioles
  • 1985-08-12 Balt Orioles W Gross & L Sheets are 6th to hit consecutive pinch HRs
  • 1986-06-08 Longest 9 inning AL game (4h16m), Balt Orioles beat Yankees 18-9
  • 1986-08-06 Orioles (Dwyer & Sheets) & Rangers (Harrah) hit record 3 grand slams
  • 1986-08-08 Record 3 grandslams in a game-(Harrah-Tex, Sheets & Dwyer-Orioles)
  • 1986-10-03 Baltimore loses assuring Orioles of their 1st last-place finish
  • 1987-07-11 Orioles' Cal Ripkin becomes 1st to manage 2 sons, as Billy joins Cal
  • 1987-09-14 Toronto Blue Jays hit a record 10 HRs vs Baltimore Orioles
  • 1988-04-12 Frank Robinson replaces Cal Ripkin as manager of Balt Orioles
  • 1988-04-20 Balt Orioles set worst record to start a season 0-14 (will go 0-21)
  • 1988-04-28 Baltimore Orioles lose AL record 21 games in a row
  • 1988-04-29 Orioles beat White Sox 9-0 for 1st 1988 win after 21 loses
  • 1988-04-30 Baltimore Orioles win record 14th straight from beginning of season
  • 1988-05-02 Baltimore Orioles sign a 15 year lease to remain in Baltimore and get a new park
  • 1988-12-04 Orioles trade veteran 1B Eddie Murray to the Dodgers
  • 1988-12-06 Agnes Neil Williams purchases Baltimore Orioles for $70 million Eli Jacobs becomes CEO of Balt Orioles
  • 1989-06-15 Balt Orioles pull their 9th triple play (vs Yankees)
  • 1989-08-17 Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken moves into 3rd place (1,208th cons game)
  • 1990-02-06 Groundbreaking begins on Baltimore Orioles' new $102 million stadium
  • 1990-06-12 Orioles Cal Ripken plays in his 1,308th consecutive game to move past Everett Scott into 2nd place on the all-time list
  • 1990-08-08 Balt Orioles pull their 10th triple play (1-6-3 vs Oakland)
  • 1990-09-25 1st 8 NY Yankees hit safely vs Balt Orioles to tie record
  • 1991-03-30 1st exhibition baseball games at Joe Robbie Stadium (Yanks-Orioles)
  • 1991-07-09 All star MVP: Cal Ripken Jr (Balt Orioles)
  • 1991-10-06 Orioles' last game at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium (vs Det Tigers)
  • 1991-11-19 Balt Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken wins his 2nd AL MVP
  • 1992-04-03 1st exhibition game at Camden Field - Orioles beat NY Mets
  • 1992-04-06 1st game at Camden Field, Balt-Orioles beat Indians 2-0

Birthdays in Sport

  • 1872-03-03 Wee Willie Keeler, outfielder (Baltimore Orioles); hit .432 in 1897
  • 1920-05-31 Edward Bennett Williams, lawyer/team owner (Redskins, Balt Orioles)
  • 1922-07-26 Hoyt Wilhelm [James], American Major League Baseball player and knuckleball pitcher (New York Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers), born in Huntersville, North Carolina (d. 2002)
  • 1930-08-14 Earl Weaver, manager (Balt Orioles 1968-82, 85-86), born in St Louis, Missouri (d. 2013)
  • 1935-12-17 Cal Ripken Sr, baseball manager (Balt Orioles)
  • 1937-10-03 Eli Jacobs, baseball owner (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 1939-02-22 Steve Barber, pitcher (Balt Orioles, NY Yankees)
  • 1943-06-20 Andy Etchebarren, baseball catcher (Baltimore Orioles), born in Whittier, California
  • 1944-02-01 Paul Blair, Cushing, OK, MLB outfielder (Baltimore Orioles), (d. 2013)
  • 1945-10-15 Jim Palmer, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles 1965-1984), born in NYC, New York
  • 1947-06-10 Ken Singleton, baseball player (Orioles), born in Mt Vernon, New York
  • 1952-12-28 Ray Knight, 3rd baseman (NY Mets, Balt Orioles)

Person of interestDennis Martínez

1955-05-14 [Jose] Dennis Martínez, Nicaraguan baseball pitcher (Orioles, Expos, Indians), born in Granada, Nicaragua

MLB Pitcher Dennis Martínez
MLB Pitcher
Dennis Martínez

Person of interestEddie Murray

1956-02-24 Eddie Murray, 1st baseman (Orioles, Dodgers, Cleve Indians), born in Los Angeles, California

MLB First Baseman Eddie Murray
MLB First Baseman
Eddie Murray
  • 1957-04-21 Jesse Orosco, pitcher (NY Mets, Orioles, Dodgers), born in Santa Barbara, California

Person of interestCal Ripken Jr

1960-08-24 Cal Ripken, American baseball shortstop (Baltimore Orioles, consecutive game streak), born in Havre de Grace, Maryland

MLB Legend Cal Ripken Jr
MLB Legend
Cal Ripken Jr
  • 1960-12-21 Roger McDowell, pitcher (NY Mets, Balt Orioles), born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1961-04-22 Jimmy Key, Huntsville Alabama, pitcher (Blue Jays, NY Yanks, Orioles)
  • 1962-01-19 Chris Sabo, third baseman (Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1962-09-19 Randy Myers, Vancouver WA, pitcher (Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles)
  • 1963-02-23 Bobby Bonilla, American outfielder (NY Mets, Balt Orioles, Marlins), born in NYC, New York
  • 1963-04-10 Mike Devereaux, Casper WY, outfielder (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 1963-05-20 David Wells, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles, NY Yankees), born in Torrance, California
  • 1964-01-18 Brady Anderson, American MLB outfielder (Baltimore Orioles), born in Silver Spring, Maryland
  • 1964-08-04 B J Surhoff, infielder (Baltimore Orioles), born in The Bronx, New York
  • 1964-09-24 Rafael Palmeiro, 1st baseman (Baltimore Orioles), born in Havana, Cuba
  • 1964-12-10 Luis Polonia, Santiago City Dom Rep, outfielder (NY Yanks, Orioles)
  • 1964-12-16 Billy Ripken, 2nd baseman (Bal Orioles, Texas Rangers), born in Havre de Grace, Maryland
  • 1965-03-20 Chris Hoiles, Bowling Green OH, catcher (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 1966-10-11 Gregg Olson, pitcher (Balt Orioles, Detroit Tigers), born in Omaha, Nebraska
  • 1966-10-18 Alan Mills, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles), born in Lakeland, Florida
  • 1968-01-08 Paul Carey, American baseball infielder (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 1968-02-01 Kent Mercker, Dublin OH, pitcher (Atlanta Braves, Balt Orioles)
  • 1968-02-02 Scott Erickson, pitcher (Minnesota Twins, Balt Orioles), born in Long Beach, California
  • 1968-02-05 Roberto Alomar, infielder (Baltimore Orioles), born in Salinas, Puerto Rico
  • 1968-12-08 Mike Mussina, Williamsport PA, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 1969-10-24 Arthur Rhodes, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles), born in Waco, Texas
  • 1970-01-19 Rick Krivda, Mckeesport PA, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 1970-05-07 Mark Smith, outfielder (Baltimore Orioles), born in Pasadena, California
  • 1971-03-20 Manny Alexander, Dominican infielder (Baltimore Orioles), born in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic
  • 1971-04-14 Gregory Zaun, catcher (Baltimore Orioles), born in Glendale, California
  • 1972-09-05 Jimmy Haynes, Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher (Baltimore Orioles), born in LaGrange, Georgia
  • 1974-03-19 John Coppinger, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles), born in El Paso, Texas

Deaths in Sport

  • 1973-05-08 Ralph Miller, last 19th century baseball player (Brooklyn Bridegrooms and Baltimore Orioles), dies at 100
  • 1991-03-09 Jim Hardin, former Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves pitcher (b. 1943)