Cleveland Indians in History

Events in Sport

  • 1903-05-17 Cleveland Indians beat NY Highlanders 9-2 in Columbus Ohio
  • 1910-04-20 Cleveland Indians Addie Joss 2nd no-hitter, beats Chicago, 1-0
  • 1910-05-12 Philadelphia Athletic's "Chief Bender" no-hits Cleveland Indians, 4-0
  • 1912-04-20 Tiger Stadium in Detroit opens, Tigers beat Cleveland Indians 6-5
  • 1912-08-20 Wash Senator Carl Cushion no-hits Cleveland Indians, 2-0 in 6 innings
  • 1914-05-31 Chicago White Sox Joe Benz no-hits Cleveland Indians, 6-1
  • 1915-07-19 Wash Nationals steal record 8 bases vs Cleveland Indians in the 1st inning
  • 1916-06-26 Cleveland Indians experiment with numbers on their jerseys (one game)
  • 1918-05-24 Cleveland Indians Stan Coveleski sets club record for most innings pitched (19) as the Indians beat the Yankees 3-2
  • 1920-08-17 NY Yankees cancel game with Cleveland Indians in memory of Ray Chapman who died on the same day
  • 1920-10-12 Cleveland Indians beat Bkln Dodgers, 5 games to 2 in 17th World Series
  • 1923-07-07 Cleveland Indians beat Boston Red Sox 27-3 with 13 runs in 6th inning
  • 1928-07-29 Cleveland Indians score 17 in 1st 2 inns to beat Yanks 24-6 at Dunn Field they also set a record with 24 singles in 1 game

Sports record brokenBaseball Record

1929-08-11 Babe Ruth becomes 1st professional baseball player to hit 500 homers (off Willis Hudlin of Cleveland Indians)

Baseball Legend Babe Ruth
Baseball Legend
Babe Ruth
  • 1933-07-19 1st time in MLB 2 brothers on opposite teams hit homers in same game - Rick Ferrell (Red Sox) and Wes Ferrell (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1935-08-31 Chicago White Sox Vern Kennedy no-hits Cleveland Indians, 5-0
  • 1939-06-07 Cleveland Indians sets AL record of 16 inning game without striking out, however lose game 5-4 to NY Yankees
  • 1941-11-25 Lou Boudreau, 24, becomes Cleveland Indians player manager
  • 1946-06-22 Bill Veeck purchases Cleveland Indians
  • 1946-06-28 Permanent radio play-by-play of Cleveland Indians games begins
  • 1946-11-01 Cleveland Indians owner Bill Veeck's right foot is amputated
  • 1947-05-01 Cleveland Indians abandon League Park (venue for weekday games) to play all MLB games at Municipal Stadium
  • 1947-07-03 Cleveland Indians purchase Larry Dolby, the 1st black in AL
  • 1947-07-05 Larry Doby signs with Cleveland Indians-1st black player in AL
  • 1948-05-20 Cleveland Indians tie AL record of 18 walks (beat Red Sox 13-4)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1948-05-27 Hank Greenberg buys an interest in the Cleveland Indians

Baseball Player Hank Greenberg
Baseball Player
Hank Greenberg
  • 1948-07-07 Cleveland Indians sign Leroy "Satchel" Paige
  • 1948-08-05 Cleveland Indians set club record for most double plays in a game (6)
  • 1948-08-12 Cleveland Indians get 29 hits in a 9 inning game
  • 1948-10-11 Cleveland Indians beat Boston Braves, 4 games to 2 in 45th World Series
  • 1950-06-18 Cleveland Indians score 14 runs in 1st inning, beat A's 21-2
  • 1950-11-10 After 9 years, Cleveland Indians fire manager Lou Boudreau
  • 1951-07-12 NY Yankees Allie Reynolds no-hits Cleveland Indians, 8-0
  • 1951-08-19 Bill Veeck (Cleveland Indians) sends Eddie Gaedel, a 3'7" little person, to pinch-hit
  • 1951-08-25 Cleveland Indians win 16th straight home game
  • 1952-12-18 Ellis W Ryan resigns as Cleveland Indians president
  • 1954-09-18 Cleveland Indians clinch AL pennant, beat Tigers (3-2)
  • 1954-10-02 NY Giants sweep Cleveland Indians, in 51st World Series
  • 1960-04-17 Cleveland Indians trade Rocky Colavito to Tigers for Harvey Kuenn
  • 1962-06-23 Larry Doby retires from Cleveland Indians to play in Japan

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1963-08-13 Dave DeBusschere pitches a shutout against the Cleveland Indians

NBA Forward and MLB Player Dave DeBusschere
NBA Forward and MLB Player
Dave DeBusschere
  • 1965-09-16 Boston Red Sox Dave Morehead no-hits Cleveland Indians, 2-0
  • 1971-09-14 Cleveland Indians & Washington Senators, play 20 innings
  • 1972-03-22 Nick Mileti purchases Cleveland Indians for $9 million
  • 1973-05-28 Chicago White Sox beat Cleveland Indians, 6-3, in 21 innings (game started 5/26)
  • 1974-10-09 Frank Robinson becomes 1st African American baseball manager (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1977-04-10 Cleveland Indians set club record for longest, 9 inn game (3:17)
  • 1977-09-05 Cleveland Indians stage 1st "I hate the Yankee Hanky Night"
  • 1978-09-01 Cleveland Indians' Sammy Stewart tosses 7 consecutive strikeouts (vs Balt)
  • 1984-04-27 Cleveland Indians beat Detroit Tigers, 8-4, in 19 innings
  • 1984-09-28 Cleveland Indians down 0-10 to Minnesota Twins, win 11-10
  • 1986-08-21 Red Sox Spike Owens scores 6 runs in a 24-5 rout of Cleveland Indians

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1989-07-19 Cleveland Indians Joe Carter has his 4th 3 HR game

MLB Outfielder Joe Carter
MLB Outfielder
Joe Carter
  • 1991-07-03 Gateway Board of Trustees approve a 20-year lease with Cleveland Indians
  • 1991-09-18 American Major League Baseball executive John Hart becomes general manager of Cleveland Indians
  • 1992-08-07 Cleveland Indians turn a triple play
  • 1993-08-31 Minnesota Twins beat Cleveland Indians 5-4 in 22 innings
  • 1994-02-24 Scoreboard is unveiled at new Cleveland Indians' park (Jacobs Field)
  • 1994-03-17 It is announced there is no smoking in Cleveland Indians new ballpark
  • 1994-06-25 Cleveland Indians 18 game home win streak ends to Yanks 11-6
  • 1995-05-09 Cleveland Indians tie record of scoring 8 runs before making an out, they beat Twins 10-0
  • 1995-09-08 Cleveland Indians clinch 1st AL Central Division title
  • 1995-09-11 Ohio's Governor Voinovich proclaims "Cleveland Indians Day"
  • 1995-10-17 MLB American League Championship: Cleveland Indians beat Seattle Mariners, 4 games to 2
  • 1995-10-28 Atlanta Braves beat Cleveland Indians in 6 games in World Series
  • 1996-10-05 Cleveland Indians strike out 23 Balt Orioles in 12 inn playoff game
  • 1997-04-09 Cleveland Indians pitcher Jose Mesa is acquitted of rape
  • 1997-10-15 MLB American League Championship: Cleveland Indians beat Baltimore Orioles, 4 games to 2
  • 1997-10-19 700th World Series home run (Sandy Alomar, Cleveland Indians)
  • 1997-10-26 MLB World Series: Florida Marlins defeat Cleveland Indians to win 4-3
  • 1998-10-13 MLB American League Championship: New York Yankees beat Cleveland Indians, 4 games to 2
  • 2007-10-21 MLB American League Championship: Boston Red Sox beat Cleveland Indians, 4 games to 3
  • 2016-11-02 MLB World Series: Chicago Cubs defeat Cleveland Indians in game 7, 8-7, 1st Cubs series win for 108 years
  • 2018-01-29 Cleveland Indians announce they will remove Chief Wahoo logo from uniforms in 2019

Birthdays in Sport

  • 1891-01-15 Ray Chapman, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians) and only MLB player to die from an injury received during a MLB game, born in Beaver Dam, Kentucky (d. 1920)
  • 1917-05-01 Giovanni "John" Beradino, American MLB infielder and actor (General Hospital), born in Los Angeles, California (d. 1996)
  • 1918-10-30 Bob Feller, American Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher (AL Triple Crown 1940), born in Van Meter, Iowa (d.2010)
  • 1920-09-22 Robert Granville "Bob" Lemon, American MLB pitcher (Cleveland Indians)/manager (NY Yankees, 1978), born in San Bernardino, California (d. 2000)
  • 1924-02-29 Al Rosen, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians) and baseball executive, born in Spartanburg, South Carolina (d. 2015)
  • 1924-12-13 Larry Doby, 1st African American in baseball's AL (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1925-06-16 Richard Jacobs, philanthropist/sports owner (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1928-02-07 Alphonse "Al" Smith [Fuzzy Smith], American MLB outfielder and third baseman (Cleveland Indians), born in Kirkwood, Missouri (d. 2002)
  • 1933-06-07 Herb Score, American baseball pitcher (Cleveland Indians), born in Rosedale, New York (d. 2008)
  • 1944-08-20 Graig Nettles, 3rd baseman (NY Yankees, SD Padres, Cleveland Indians)
  • 1948-07-21 John Hart, American Major League Baseball executive (Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers, Atlanta Braves), born in Tampa, Florida
  • 1954-10-28 Samuel "Sammy" Stewart, Americal MLB pitcher (Cleveland Indians), born in Asheville, North Carolina (d. 2018)

Person of interestEddie Murray

1956-02-24 Eddie Murray, 1st baseman (Orioles, Dodgers, Cleveland Indians), born in Los Angeles, California

MLB First Baseman Eddie Murray
MLB First Baseman
Eddie Murray
  • 1957-06-04 Tony Pena, Monte Cristi Dom Rep, catcher (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1958-09-16 Orel Hershiser, pitcher (LA Dodgers, Cleveland Indians)
  • 1960-12-10 Paul Assenmacher, pitcher (Cleveland Indians), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1961-08-23 Julio Franco, Sp de Macrois Dom Rep, infielder (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1964-01-22 Wayne Kirby, Williamsburg VA, outfielder (Cleveland Indians, LA Dodgers)
  • 1965-01-02 Greg Swindell, pitcher (Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians), born in Fort Worth, Texas
  • 1965-02-12 Rubén Amaro Jr., US baseball outfielder (Cleveland Indians), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1966-02-20 Derek Lilliquist, American baseball pitcher (Cleveland Indians, Atl Braves)
  • 1966-04-28 Jim Poole, pitcher (Cleveland Indians), born in Rochester, New York
  • 1966-05-22 José Mesa, Dominican MBL pitcher (Cleveland Indians), born in Pueblo Viejo, Dominican Republic
  • 1966-06-18 Sandy Alomar, catcher (Cleveland Indians), born in Salinas, Puerto Rico
  • 1967-04-17 Marquis Grisom, outfielder (Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians), born in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1967-05-05 Charles Nagy, pitcher (Cleveland Indians), born in Fairfield, Connecticut
  • 1967-05-31 Kenny Lofton, E Chicago Indiana, outfielder (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1968-11-04 Carlos Baerga, Puerto Rico, infielder (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1969-04-15 Jeromy Burnitz, outfielder (Cleveland Indians), born in Westminster, California
  • 1970-01-23 Alan Embree, Vancouver WA, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1970-08-27 Jim Thome, infielder (Cleveland Indians), born in Peoria, Illinois
  • 1970-09-16 Paul Shuey, Lima OH, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1970-11-09 Chad Ogea, Lake Charles LA, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1972-05-30 Manny Ramirez, Dominican-American outfielder (Cleveland Indians), born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • 1973-05-22 Julian Tavarez, Santiago Dom Rep, pitcher (Cleveland Indians)

Deaths in Sport

  • 1920-08-17 Ray Chapman, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians), dies at 29 after being hit in the head by a pitch from NY Yankees Carl Mays
  • 1991-12-12 Ken Keltner, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians), dies at 75
  • 1993-03-22 Steve Olin, pitcher (Cleveland Indians), drowns at 27
  • 1993-03-22 Tim Crews, pitcher (Cleveland Indians), drowns at 31
  • 1993-11-04 Cliff Young, pitcher (Cleveland Indians), dies in car accident at 29
  • 1996-05-19 Giovanni "John" Beradino, American MLB infielder and actor (General Hospital), dies from pancreatic cancer at 79
  • 2000-01-11 Robert Granville "Bob" Lemon, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians), dies at 79
  • 2002-01-03 Alphonse "Al" Smith [Fuzzy Smith], American MLB outfielder and third baseman (Cleveland Indians), dies at 73
  • 2015-03-13 Al Rosen, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians) and baseball executive, dies at 91
  • 2018-03-02 Samuel "Sammy" Stewart, Americal MLB pitcher (Cleveland Indians), dies at 63