Baseball History (Part 3)

Events in Sport

Events 201 - 300 of 484

  • 1948-08-17 Phillies commit 8 errors in a baseball game for the 2nd time
  • 1948-09-20 Mexican Baseball league disbanded
  • 1948-11-30 Baseball's Negro National League disbands
  • 1949-07-12 Baseball owners agree to erect warning paths before each fence
  • 1949-07-31 Lightning strikes a baseball field in Fla, kills SS & 3rd baseman
  • 1949-09-18 Baseball major league record 4 grand slams hit
  • 1950-02-16 Writers fail to elect anyone to Baseball's Hall of Fame
  • 1950-10-03 Baseball rules Phils lefty Curt Simmons cannot play in World Series despite his being on furlough from Army
  • 1952-09-07 Outfielder Don Grate throws a baseball a record 434'1" (Tenn)
  • 1953-02-20 US Court of Appeals rules that Organized Baseball is a sport & not a business, affirming the 25-year-old Supreme Court ruling
  • 1953-05-30 1st major league network baseball game-Cleveland 7, Chicago 2
  • 1953-08-23 Phil Grate sets record for throwing a baseball (443'3")
  • 1953-11-04 New baseball balk rule gives the batter option of accepting the outcome of the pitch or the balk
  • 1953-11-09 Supreme Court rules Major League baseball exempt from anti-trust laws
  • 1953-11-17 St Louis Browns officially become the Baltimore Baseball Club Inc
  • 1953-11-19 US Supreme Court rules (7-2) baseball is a sport not a business

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1954-03-01 In spring training, baseballer Ted Williams breaks his collarbone

Baseball Player Ted Williams
Baseball Player
Ted Williams
  • 1955-03-07 Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick says he favors legalization of spitter
  • 1955-10-23 Dominican League moves to winter baseball for 1st time

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1956-01-19 Hoboken dedicates a plaque honoring achievements of Alexander Cartwright in organizing early baseball at Elysian Field

Inventor of Modern Baseball Alexander Cartwright
Inventor of Modern Baseball
Alexander Cartwright

Hall of fameHall of Fame

1956-01-26 Hank Greenberg & Joe Cronin are elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Baseball Player Hank Greenberg
Baseball Player
Hank Greenberg

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1957-01-10 Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick rules Bing Crosby can keep token stock in the Det Tigers, even though he owns part of Pittsburgh Pirates

Singer and Actor Bing Crosby
Singer and Actor
Bing Crosby
  • 1957-02-14 Georgia Senate unanimously approves Sen Leon Butts' bill barring blacks from playing baseball with whites
  • 1957-02-25 US Supreme Court decides 6-3, baseball is only antitrust exempt pro sport
  • 1957-07-08 Baseball Owners re-elect Commissioner Ford Frick
  • 1957-08-01 Glen Gorbous throws a regulation baseball a record 136 m (445'10")
  • 1957-08-18 Amelia Wershoven sets record of female throwing a baseball (252'4½")
  • 1957-12-28 CBS states it won't broadcast baseball where minor league games are on
  • 1958-01-30 Baseball announces players & coaches rather than fans pick all stars
  • 1958-04-15 1st baseball game in California, SF Giants beat LA Dodgers, 8-0
  • 1958-11-13 NYC Mayor Robert Wagner announces plans to begin a new baseball called the Continental League
  • 1959-02-01 Zack Wheat unanimously elected to baseball Hall of Fame

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1959-05-07 "Roy Campanella Night" Largest baseball crowd (93,103 in LA Coliseum) sees Dodgers' Sandy Koufax beat Yankees 6-2 in exhibition

MLB Catcher Roy Campanella
MLB Catcher
Roy Campanella
  • 1959-05-15 100th anniversary of 1st college baseball game, between Amherst & Williams Teams reenact the original contest
  • 1959-07-27 William Shea announces plans to have a baseball team in NYC in 1961
  • 1959-08-01 New Continental baseball league formed
  • 1960-04-19 Baseball uniforms begin displaying players' names on their backs
  • 1960-05-07 Dodgers Larry & Norm Sherry are baseball's 10th brother battery
  • 1960-05-20 Baseball game in Milwaukee postponed due to dense fog
  • 1960-06-18 Giants hire Tom Sheehan as baseball's oldest debuting manager (66)
  • 1960-07-18 Baseball's NL votes to add Houston & NY franchises
  • 1960-11-26 Minneapolis-St Paul baseball club takes the name Twins
  • 1961-03-24 NY Senate approves $55M for a baseball stadium at Flushing Meadows

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1961-04-12 Douglas MacArthur declines offer to become baseball commissioner

US WWII General Douglas MacArthur
US WWII General
Douglas MacArthur
  • 1961-11-26 Pro Baseball Rules Committee votes 8-1 against legalizing the spitball

Hall of fameHall of Fame

1962-01-24 Jackie Robinson is 1st African American elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame. Bob Feller is also elected.

Baseball Player Jackie Robinson
Baseball Player
Jackie Robinson
  • 1962-02-04 Russian newspaper Izvestia reports baseball is an old Russian game
  • 1962-04-10 1st baseball game at LA's Dodger Stadium, they lose 6-3 to Reds
  • 1962-06-10 A record 54 home runs hit in baseball

  • 1962-11-29 Baseball decides to revert back to 1 all star game per year
  • 1963-01-27 Sam Rice, Eppa Rixey, Elmer Flick, & John Clarkson elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

AgreementContract of Interest

1963-02-27 Mickey Mantle of NY Yankees sign a baseball contract worth $100,000

Baseball Legend Mickey Mantle
Baseball Legend
Mickey Mantle
  • 1963-05-25 Early Wynn wins his 300th baseball game
  • 1963-06-09 1st Sunday night game in baseball SF Giants lose to Houston Colts 3-0
  • 1963-09-06 Historian Lee Allen says Indians-Senators game is 100,000th in Major League baseball history
  • 1964-01-15 Baseball agrees to hold a free-agent draft in NYC

Hall of fameHall of Fame

1964-02-02 Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame - Red Faber, Burleigh Grimes, Tim Keefe, Heinie Manush, John Montgomery Ward, & Miller Huggins

Major League Baseball Pitcher Tim Keefe
Major League Baseball Pitcher
Tim Keefe
  • 1964-02-17 101st member elected to baseball's hall of fame (Luke Appling)
  • 1964-03-05 Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen Jr, announces a baseball team is moving there
  • 1964-08-05 Ford Frick says he will not run for another term as Commissioner of Baseball
  • 1964-12-04 Baseball approves a free-agent draft
  • 1964-12-04 Commissioner's office given full powers in baseball disputes
  • 1965-01-31 Pud Galvin elected to baseball Hall of Fame
  • 1965-02-17 US-Japan baseball relations suspended over Masanori Murakami dispute
  • 1965-08-12 Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, Inc applies for a NL franchise
  • 1965-08-30 Casey Stengel announces his retirement after 55 years in baseball
  • 1965-11-17 William Eckert is unanimously elected commissioner of baseball
  • 1965-12-15 William Eckert replaces Ford Frick as 4th Commissioner of Baseball
  • 1966-06-14 Miami beats St Petersburg (Florida State League) 4-3 in 29 innings longest uninterrupted game in organized baseball
  • 1967-01-29 Branch Rickey & Lloyd Waner elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1967-05-30 Yankee Whitey Ford, nearing 41, announces his retirement from baseball

MLB Pitcher Whitey Ford
MLB Pitcher
Whitey Ford
  • 1967-08-21 Ken Harrelson becomes baseball's 1st free agent
  • 1968-01-23 Joe Medwick elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
  • 1968-01-28 Goose Goslin & Kiki Cuyler elected to baseball Hall of Fame
  • 1968-02-04 Bowie Kuhn replaces William Eckert as 5th commissioner of baseball
  • 1968-02-21 Baseball announces a minimum annual salary of $10,000
  • 1968-04-08 Baseball's Opening Day is postponed because of Martin Luther King's assassination
  • 1968-07-10 US Major League baseball announces it will split into 2 divisions for 1969
  • 1968-11-15 1st date in controversial Jim Bouton baseball diary "Ball Four"
  • 1968-12-06 Baseball dismisses Commissioner William Eckert after 3 years
  • 1969-01-22 Roy Campanella & Stan Musial elected to baseball Hall of Fame
  • 1969-02-02 Stan Coveleski & Waite Hoyt are voted into baseball Hall of Fame
  • 1969-02-25 Pension plan for baseball is agreed to
  • 1969-04-08 1st Baseball game in Canada - Mont Expos beats NY Mets 10-9
  • 1969-04-14 1st major league baseball game outside US played (Montreal Canada)
  • 1969-09-13 Bobby Bonds is baseballs 4th 30-HR, 30-steal player
  • 1969-10-04 Baseball's 1st divisional playoff games, Mets beat Braves 9-5 & Orioles beat Twins 4-3 in 12 innings
  • 1969-10-16 T Agee & Ed Kranepool HR, Tommie Agee makes 2 great catches, New York Mets win Baseball World Series 4-1
  • 1969-12-29 NY Times reports Curt Flood will sue baseball & challenge the reserve clause
  • 1970-01-01 Charles "Chub" Feeney becomes president of baseball's National League
  • 1970-01-16 Curt Flood files a civil lawsuit challenging baseball's reserve clause
  • 1970-02-01 Ford Frick, Earle Combs & Jesse Haines elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
  • 1970-04-01 Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, headed by Bud Selig, purchases Seattle Pilots for $10,800,000
  • 1970-05-30 Baseball All-Star voting is returned to fans
  • 1970-07-27 L Boudreau, Earle Combs, Ford Frick, & Jesse Haines enter Baseball Hall of Fame
  • 1970-08-12 Curt Flood loses his $41 million antitrust suit against baseball
  • 1970-10-03 Baseball umpires call their 1st strike
  • 1971-01-31 Special Veterans Committee adds 6 former players and 1 executive to the Baseball Hall of Fame: Dave Bancroft, Jake Beckley, Chick Hafey, Harry Hooper, Joe Kelley, Rube Marquard and George Weiss

Birthdays in Sport

Birthdays 201 - 300 of 346

  • 1963-04-03 Chris Bosio, baseball pitcher (Seattle Mariners)
  • 1963-06-02 Brian Harvey, baseball umpire (NL)
  • 1964-01-17 Jeff Tabaka, US baseball pitcher (San Diego Padres)
  • 1964-01-29 John Habyan, US baseball pitcher (St Louis Cardinals)
  • 1964-05-11 Floyd Youmans, baseball pitcher (Expos)
  • 1964-05-11 Jeff Sellers, baseball pitcher (Red Sox)
  • 1964-05-20 Jeff Schwarz, US baseball pitcher (California Angels, Chicago White Sox)
  • 1964-05-26 Kevin Kennedy, baseball manager (Texas Rangers)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1964-07-24 Barry Bonds, American baseball left fielder (Pirates, SF Giants, 7X MVP), born in Riverside, California

MLB Legend Barry Bonds
MLB Legend
Barry Bonds
  • 1964-09-10 Peter Vogler, Australian baseball outfielder (Olympics-1996)
  • 1965-01-04 Kevin Wickander, US baseball pitcher (Cincinnati Reds)
  • 1965-01-06 Jose Dejesus, US baseball pitcher (Kansas City Royals)
  • 1965-01-20 Brad Brink, US baseball pitcher (SF Giants, Philadelphia Phillies)
  • 1965-01-26 Lou Frazier, US baseball outfielder (Montreal Expos)
  • 1965-02-12 Ruben Amaro, US baseball outfielder (Cleveland Indians)
  • 1965-02-17 Jim Bowie, Japanese/US baseball infielder (Oakland Athletics)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1965-03-02 Ron Gant, American baseball outfielder (Atlanta Braves, St Louis Cardinals), born in Victoria, Texas

MLB Outfielder Ron Gant
MLB Outfielder
Ron Gant
  • 1966-01-19 Anthony Young, US baseball pitcher (NY Met, Chicago Cubs)
  • 1966-01-21 Chris Hammond, US baseball pitcher (Florida Marlins)
  • 1966-01-25 Richie Lewis, American baseball pitcher (Florida Marlins), born in Muncie, Indiana
  • 1966-02-01 Eddie Zambrano, Venezuelan/US baseball outfielder (Chicago Cubs)
  • 1966-02-15 Melido Perez, Dominican/US baseball pitcher (NY Yankees)
  • 1966-02-20 Derek Lilliquist, US baseball pitcher (Cleveland Indians, Atl Braves)
  • 1966-02-21 Chris Donnels, US baseball infielder (Houston Astros)
  • 1966-02-24 Rene Arocha, Cubans/US baseball pitcher (St Louis Cardinals)
  • 1966-02-27 Chris Howard, US baseball catcher (Seattle Mariners)
  • 1966-08-02 Tim Wakefield [Timothy Stephen], Melbourne, Florida, American baseball pitcher (Boston Red Sox-1995 AL Comeback Player of the Year)
  • 1967-01-05 Chris Nabholz, US baseball pitcher (Boston Red Sox)
  • 1967-01-26 Jeff Branson, US baseball infielder (Cincinnati Reds)
  • 1967-02-09 Todd Pratt, US baseball catcher (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • 1967-02-11 John Patterson, US baseball infielder (SF Giants)
  • 1967-02-13 Eddie Pye, US baseball infielder (LA Dodgers)
  • 1967-02-18 Matt Turner, US baseball pitcher (Florida Marlins)
  • 1967-02-20 Kurt Knudsen, US baseball pitcher (Detroit Tigers)
  • 1967-02-25 Rich Rowland, US baseball catcher (Detroit Tigers)
  • 1967-02-26 Scott Service, US baseball pitcher (Cincinnati Reds)
  • 1967-06-04 Rick Wilkins, American baseball catcher (Houston Astros), born in Jacksonville, Florida
  • 1967-06-04 Simon Sheldon-Collins, Australian baseball pitcher (Olympics-1996)
  • 1967-07-03 Brian Cashman, American major league baseball executive
  • 1968-01-08 Paul Carey, US baseball infielder (Baltimore Orioles)
  • 1968-01-11 Ben Rivera, Dominican/US baseball pitcher (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • 1968-01-24 Ross Powell, US baseball pitcher (Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros)
  • 1968-01-27 Eric Wedge, US baseball catcher (Boston Red Sox)
  • 1968-01-29 Kevin Roberson, US baseball outfielder (Chicago Cubs)
  • 1968-01-31 Steve Phoenix, US baseball pitcher (Oakland Athletics)
  • 1968-02-10 Ryan Bowen, US baseball pitcher (Florida Marlins)
  • 1968-02-13 Matt Mieske, US baseball outfielder (Milwaukee Brewers)
  • 1968-02-25 David Hulse, US baseball outfielder (Texas Rangers)
  • 1968-02-28 J T Snow, US baseball 1st baseman (NY Yankees, California Angels)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1968-11-12 Sammy Sosa, Dominican baseball outfielder (Chicago Cubs), born in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic

MLB Outfielder Sammy Sosa
MLB Outfielder
Sammy Sosa
  • 1968-12-11 Derek Bell, American baseball outfielder (Houston Astros), born in Tampa, Florida
  • 1969-01-07 Chris Hatcher, US baseball outfielder (Houston Astros)
  • 1969-01-09 Domingo Jean, Dominican/US baseball pitcher (Houston Astros)
  • 1969-01-13 Kevin Foster, US baseball pitcher (Chicago Cubs)
  • 1969-01-22 Keith Gordon, US baseball outfielder (Cincinnati Reds)
  • 1969-02-01 John Moore, Australian baseball catcher (Olympics-1996)
  • 1969-02-03 Terry Bradshaw, US baseball outfielder (St Louis Cardinals)
  • 1969-02-04 Brad Cornett, US baseball pitcher (Toronto Blue Jays)
  • 1969-02-10 Tim Clark, US baseball outfielder (Florida Marlins)
  • 1969-02-11 Bryan Eversgerd, US baseball pitcher (St Louis Cardinals)
  • 1969-02-11 Kevin King, US baseball pitcher (Seattle Mariners)
  • 1969-02-16 Tim Costo, US baseball infielder (Cincinnati Reds)
  • 1969-02-26 Brandon Wilson, US baseball infielder (Chicago White Sox)
  • 1969-02-27 Willie Banks, US baseball pitcher (Chicago Cubs)
  • 1969-11-21 Ken Griffey, Jr., Donora, Pennsylvania, American baseball center fielder (Seattle Mariners, MVP 1997)
  • 1969-12-22 Andrew Scott, Australian baseball infielder (Olympics-1996)
  • 1970-01-12 Nigel Wilson, Canadian/US baseball outfielder (Florida Marlins)
  • 1970-01-26 Dan Carlson, US baseball pitcher (SF Giants)
  • 1970-02-04 John Frascatore, US baseball pitcher (St Louis Cardinals)
  • 1970-02-10 Alberto Castillo, Dominican/US baseball catcher (NY Mets)
  • 1970-02-13 Kevin Stocker, US baseball infielder (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • 1970-02-14 Kelly Stinnett, US baseball catcher (NY Mets)
  • 1970-02-18 Tyler Green, US baseball pitcher (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • 1970-02-21 Javier De La Hoya, Mexican/US baseball pitcher (Florida Marlins)
  • 1970-03-01 Stuart Thompson, Australian baseball infielder (Olympics-1996)
  • 1970-08-12 Jim Schlossnagle, baseball coach
  • 1971-01-04 Carlos Perez, Dominican/US baseball pitcher (Montreal Expos)
  • 1971-01-17 Tyler Houston, US baseball catcher (Atlanta Braves)
  • 1971-01-19 Jeff Juden, baseball pitcher (Philadelphia Phillies, SF Giants), born in Salem, Massachusetts
  • 1971-01-24 Cory Bailey, US baseball pitcher (Boston Red Sox)
  • 1971-01-25 Kerry Taylor, US baseball pitcher (San Diego Padres)
  • 1971-02-09 Ken Felder, US baseball outfielder (Milwaukee Brewers)
  • 1971-02-12 Shane Tonkin, Australian baseball pitcher (Olympics-1996)
  • 1971-02-13 Todd Williams, US baseball pitcher (LA Dodgers)
  • 1971-02-21 Jeff Schmidt, US baseball pitcher (California Angels)
  • 1971-06-15 Stuart Howell, Australian baseball pitcher (Olympics-1996)
  • 1971-06-16 Chris Gomez, American baseball infielder (San Diego Padres), born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1971-08-08 Steve Hinton, Australian baseball infielder (Olympics-1996)
  • 1971-09-17 David Hynes, Australian baseball outfielder (Olympics-1996)
  • 1972-01-02 Jeff Jackson, US baseball outfielder (Philadelphia Phillies)
  • 1972-01-09 Jay Powell, American baseball pitcher (Florida Marlins), born in Meridian, Mississippi
  • 1972-06-06 Jeff Williams, Australian baseball pitcher (Olympics-1996)
  • 1972-06-12 Scott Dawes, Australian baseball catcher (Olympics-1996)
  • 1973-01-09 Aaron Holbert, US baseball infielder (St Louis Cardinals)
  • 1973-08-10 Mark Doubleday, Australian baseball infielder (Olympics-1996)
  • 1973-08-21 Ben Mann, Australian baseball pitcher (Olympics-1996)
  • 1973-08-21 Ismael Valdes, Mexican baseball pitcher (LA Dodgers), born in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico
  • 1973-09-23 Grant McDonald, Australian baseball outfielder (Olympics-1996)
  • 1973-11-05 Johnny Damon, American professional baseball outfielder (Kansas City Royals), born in Fort Riley, Kansas
  • 1973-11-09 Fred Lindberg, Australian baseball pitcher (Olympics-1996)

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