Birthdays in Sport on May 13

  • 1856 Tom O'Rourke, American boxing manager (George Dixon, Barbados Joe Walcott, George Gardner, Tom Sharkey), born in Boston, Massachsetts (d. 1938)
  • 1878 Muriel Robb, British tennis player (Wimbledon 1902), born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England (d. 1907)
  • 1896 Charles Pahud de Mortanges, Dutch equestrian (Olympic gold 1928, 32)
  • 1897 Babe Dye, Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame right wing (Stanley Cup 1922; NHL scoring champion 1922–23, 24-25; Toronto St. Patricks/Maple Leafs), born in Hamilton, Ontario (d. 1962)
  • 1903 Jim Sims, English cricket spin bowler (4 Tests, 11 wickets; Middlesex), born in Leyton, England (d. 1973)
  • 1904 Tim Wall, Australian cricketer (18 Tests for Australia 1928-34)

Joe Louis

1914 Joe Louis, American boxer (world heavyweight champion 1937-49), born in Lafayette, Alabama (d. 1981)

  • 1922 Michael Ainsworth, British cricketer (d. 1978)
  • 1924 Harry Glickman, American journalist, promoter and sports executive (co-founder NBA Portland Trail Blazers, President 1987-94), born in Portland, Oregon (d. 2020)
  • 1927 Archie Scott-Brown, English race car driver (d. 1958)
  • 1934 Leon Wagner, American baseball outfielder (MLB All-Star 1962, 63; LA Angels), born in Chattanooga, Tennessee (d. 2004)
  • 1939 Hildrun Laufer-Claus, German long jumper, born in Dresden, Germany
  • 1944 Clive Radley, English cricketer (batsman in 8 Tests)
  • 1948 Guillermo Echevarría, Mexican swimmer (1,500m WR 16:28.1 1968), born in Mexico City, Mexico (d. 2021)
  • 1951 Guy Morriss, American football coach (Kentucky, Baylor, Texas A&M–Commerce) and guard (Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots), born in Colorado City, Texas (d. 2022)
  • 1952 Sew Shivnarine, West Indian cricketer (3 Tests for WI 1978, later USA captain), born in Albion, Guyana

Dennis Rodman

1961 Dennis Rodman, American NBA forward (Chicago Bulls), born in Trenton, New Jersey

  • 1962 Sean McDonough, American sports newscaster
  • 1963 Wally Masur, English-born Australian tennis player, born in Southampton, England
  • 1964 Sara Gomer, English tennis player, born in Torquay, England
  • 1965 Chris Washburn, American NBA player, born in Hickory, North Carolina
  • 1968 James Harris, NFL defensive end (Minnesota Vikings), born in East St. Louis, Illinois
  • 1969 Lyle Mouton, American MLB outfielder, 1995-2001 (Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, and 2 other teams), born in Lafayette, Louisiana
  • 1970 Mark Beaufait, US hockey forward (Olympics 1994), born in Royal Oak, Michigan
  • 1970 Mitch Lyons, NFL tight end (Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • 1970 Selwyn Jones, American NFL defensive back, 1992-97 (Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks, and 2 other teams), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1971 Hamish Pepper, New Zealand laser single handed sailor (Olympics 1996), born in Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1971 Michael Sirotka, American pitcher (Chicago White Sox), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1971 Rob Fredrickson, American NFL linebacker (Oakland Raiders), born in St. Joseph, Michigan
  • 1971 Tom Nalen, American NFL center (Denver Broncos-Super Bowl 32), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • 1972 Darryl Sydor, Canadian NHL defenseman (Dallas Stars), born in Edmonton
  • 1972 Josh Taves, American football defensive end (New England Patriots), born in Watsonville, California
  • 1974 Lisa Jacob, American 800m freestyle relay (Olympics 1996)
  • 1976 Mark Delaney, Welsh footballer (Aston Villa), born in Haverfordwest, Wales
  • 1977 Diane Halber, American figure skater (1996 National Collegiate champ), born in Torrance, California
  • 1977 Robby Hammock, American baseball player (Arizona Diamondbacks), born in Macon, Georgia
  • 1977 Sara DeCosta, American ice hockey goalie (USA, Olympics 1998), born in Warwick, Rhode Island
  • 1978 Barry Zito, American baseball player (Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants), born in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 1978 Mike Bibby, American basketball player and coach, born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • 1981 Jimmy Yang, American wrestler, born in Los Angeles, California
  • 1983 Yaya Touré, Ivorian footballer (Barcelona), born in Bouaké, Ivory Coast
  • 1985 Travis Zajac, Canadian ice hockey player (New Jersey Devils), born in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • 1986 Ji Eun-hee, South Korean golfer (US Open 2009), born in Gapyeong, South Korea
  • 1992 Tyrann Mathieu, American NFL player (Kansas City Chiefs), born in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 1993 Romelu Lukaku, Belgium footballer (Chelsea, Manchester United), born in Antwerp, Belgium