Middleweight in History

Events in Sport

  • 1884-08-30 Jack "Nonpareil" Dempsey wins middleweight title in 1st fight with boxing gloves
  • 1936-09-01 Middleweight Staff Roth KOs Heinz Lazek

Sport defeatBoxing Title Fight

1950-08-25 Sugar Ray Robinson KOs Jose Basora to win middleweight boxing title

Middle/welterweight championship boxer Sugar Ray Robinson
Middle/welterweight championship boxer
Sugar Ray Robinson
  • 1951-02-14 Sugar Ray Robinson defeats Jake LaMotta & takes middleweight title
  • 1960-01-22 Paul Pender beats Sugar Ray Robinson for middleweight boxing title
  • 1980-09-27 Marvin Hagler defeats Alan Minter to claim boxing's world Middleweight championship in London. They have to be escorted away by police after a riot forms.
  • 1983-04-13 Undefeated middleweight boxer Tony Ayala gets 35 years on sex assault
  • 1983-07-08 Rudi Koopmans retains European middleweight title
  • 1995-02-25 British super middleweight Nigel Benn puts opponent Gerard McClellan in hospital

Birthdays in Sport

  • 1919-01-01 Rocky Graziano, US boxer (Middleweight champ) and entertainer (Pantomime Quiz, Miami Undercover), born in New York City

Person of interestJake LaMotta

1921-07-10 Jake LaMotta, middleweight boxing champ (1949-51) (Raging Bull), born in The Bronx, New York

World Middleweight Boxing Champion Jake LaMotta
World Middleweight Boxing Champion
Jake LaMotta
  • 1929-04-19 Edward Crook, American middleweight boxer (Olympic gold 1960), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1936-05-09 Terry Downes, middleweight boxing champ (1961-62)
  • 1944-01-20 Isao Okano, Japan, middleweight judo (Olympic gold 1964)
  • 1944-06-05 Chris Finnegan, UK, middleweight boxing champ (Olympic gold 1968)
  • 1946-10-01 Alfred Jones, Grace Miss, middleweight boxer (Olympic bronze 1968)
  • 1948-10-22 John Peterson, American freestyle wrestler (Olympic gold 1976), born in Cumberland, Wisconsin
  • 1952-05-23 "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler, NJ, middleweight boxing champ (1982-83)
  • 1954-04-12 Marvin Johnson, American middleweight boxer (Olympic bronze 1972)
  • 1956-07-22 Michael Spinks, American middleweight boxer (Olympic gold 1976)
  • 1964-01-08 Virgil Hill, Missouri, middleweight boxer (Olympic silver 1984)
  • 1972-05-21 Liliko Ogasawara, middleweight judoka (Olympics 1996), born in Englewood, New Jersey
  • 1973-03-06 Brian Olson, middleweight (189 lbs) judoka (Olympics 1996), born in Tallahassee, Florida
  • 1976-12-30 Rhoshii Wells, middleweight boxer (Olympic bronze 1996), born in Austin, Texas

Weddings in Sport

HeartWedding of Interest

2013-01-04 Former World Middleweight champ Jake LaMotta (90) weds his longtime fiancée Denise Baker (62) in Bisbee, Arizona

World Middleweight Boxing Champion Jake LaMotta
World Middleweight Boxing Champion
Jake LaMotta

Deaths in Sport

  • 2008-10-23 Kevin Finnegan, British Middleweight Boxing Champion (b. 1948)
  • 2012-11-07 Carmen Basilio [Carmine], American world welter and middleweight boxing champion, dies from pneumonia at 85