July 1900 in Sport

Events in Sport

Sport awardTennis Open

Jul 4 17th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Blanche Bingley beats Charlotte Cooper (4-6 6-4 6-4)

Tennis Champion Charlotte Cooper
Tennis Champion
Charlotte Cooper
  • Jul 4 24th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Reginald Doherty beats Stan Smith (6-8 6-3 6-1 6-2)
  • Jul 8 1st night baseball, league game (Zanesville at Grand Rapids)
  • Jul 11 Charlotte Cooper beats Hélène Prévost to become the 1st female Olympic tennis champion and the 1st individual female Olympic champion in any sport
  • Jul 13 Phillies beat Pittsburgh 23-8
  • Jul 19 Michel Théato wins 2nd olympics marathon (2:59:45.0-40,260k)
  • Jul 25 Gilbert Jessop hits his 2nd 100 before lunch in same cricket match

Birthdays in Sport

  • Jul 10 Bob Catterall, cricketer (dashing South African batsman of 20's)
  • Jul 20 Maurice Leyland, prolific cricket left-handed batsman (England)