August 1994 in Sport

Events in Sport

  • Aug 7 Carolyn Hill wins McCall's LPGA Golf Classic at Stratton Mountain
  • Aug 12 1st NFL game on Fox network (exhibition - SF vs Denver)
  • Aug 12 Members of the Major League Baseball Players Association strike

Sport awardGolf Major

Aug 14 76th PGA Championship: Nick Price shoots a 269 at Southern Hills Tulsa

Golfer Nick Price
Nick Price
  • Aug 14 Liselotte Neumann wins LPGA Weetabix Women's British Golf Open
  • Aug 14 Maggie Will wins Children's Medical Center LPGA Golf Classic
  • Aug 20 Vuyani Bungu, the South African junior featherweight, wins the IBF World Boxing Title

Sport awardGolf Tournament

Aug 21 Jane Geddes wins LPGA Chicago Golf Challenge

LPGA Golfer Jane Geddes
LPGA Golfer
Jane Geddes

MurderMurder of Interest

Aug 22 DNA testing links O.J. Simpson to murder of Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman

NFL Running Back and Convicted Criminal O.J. Simpson
NFL Running Back and Convicted Criminal
O.J. Simpson
  • Aug 24 Kieren Perkins swims world record 1500m free style (14:41.66)
  • Aug 24 Kieren Perkins swims world record 800m free style (7:46.00)
  • Aug 28 22nd du Maurier Golf Classic: Martha Nause

Sport awardGolf Tournament

Aug 28 94th US Golf Amateur Championship won by Tiger Woods

Golfer Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
  • Aug 30 Largest US Tennis Open single session (total) 23,618

Deaths in Sport

  • Aug 5 Amy Sacks, producer (ABC sports, Disney), dies of Lupus at 39
  • Aug 5 Terry Hibbitt, soccer star, dies at 47
  • Aug 10 Kay Petre, early racing driver, dies at 91
  • Aug 15 Simon R Naoli, Tanzanian marathoner, dies in an accident at 28
  • Aug 15 Wout Wagtmans, cyclist (Rome-Naples-Rome 1957), dies at 64
  • Aug 17 Jack Sharkey [Joseph Paul Zukauskas], American boxer and world heavyweight boxing champion, dies at 91
  • Aug 29 Gladys Marea Hartman, athletics Administrator, dies at 74